Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Preparing a Winning Mindset in 2013

As we approach a brand new year, I first extend Happy New Year greetings to you.
Many times when we go into a New Year, some people can have mixed emotions about what the New Year will bring.  Depending on how the last year ended, sometimes determines how a person goes into a New Year.  I want to encourage you on developing a “winning mindset” for 2013, no matter what happened in 2012.

Our mind is like the steering wheel of the car; in the sense that it controls the direction of where we are going.  If your mind turns you to the left, then your body and emotions will follow suit, just like the steering wheel in a car.  In order to prepare you mindset to “win” and “overcome,” you must have an understanding about the subconscious part of you.
The subconscious mind is where your memory is housed.  It controls approximately 86% of your behavior and how you react and respond to life.  It is like being on auto pilot in an airplane.  Let me give you an example:  you can drive to and from work every day while putting on make-up, talking on the phone, eating, listening to the radio, etc.  You can get home automatically because you know where you live, so you do not have to think to get there.

However, if you were to go somewhere for the first time; you would get off the phone, turn off the radio and pay close attention to the directions because you are going somewhere you have never been before.  Well that is what you will have to do in order to prepare for a “winning mindset” in 2013.  You are about to go somewhere that you never been before and it will take your focus to get there.

1)      You must identify your beliefs that are negative, fearful and limiting you.  I always say that you can’t confront what you don’t first identify.  Your subconscious mind will automatically react and have you going in the direction that you are accustomed to; however you must pay attention to the thoughts that are playing in your mind.  Pay attention to how you respond to your circumstances and pay attention to what is coming out of your mouth.

2)      Confront and challenge yourself to get beyond what you are feeling.  You need to ask yourself, “Why do I feel like this?”  “Why does this get to me?” “Where did this come from?” What is really going on in me?  If you do not begin to confront yourself, you will always repeat the same patterns.  You cannot go in a different direction in life, if you continue to do the same as before.  So many times, people want change but they are not willing to pay the price for change. 

3)      Make declarations over your life to develop a “winning mentality” for 2013.  In order to change your subconscious, you must feed it new information.  Making winning, faith, and overcoming declarations will begin to fuel your new journey in 2013.  Do not just do it once or twice a week; but do it until you feel change.  Confess it until you begin to see results in how you respond to the circumstances in life.  Many times we start stuff but are not persistent, so we do not see the desired results.

I challenge you to change the level of your thinking as we go into this New Year.  God has things with your name on it waiting for you to get into the right position and posture to receive what He has already promised you.
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Learn to be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Nobody likes pressure; whether it is on the job, your business, your ministry, with family, relationships or within yourself.  Imagine something pressing against your leg; it was tight, hard and heavy.  Immediately you are looking around to get something to relieve the pressure.  That would only be common sense; however, when the pressures of life hit us God wants us to trust Him in the process.  When we learn to trust God even when you can’t trace God; you will begin to see your faith, strength and relationship grow.  God is always stretching us to the next level.

We understand this process in the education arena.  Teachers instruct us, give us pop quiz, test, exams and homework all to expand us and stretch our ability to put more in us.  So my question is, why do we not apply this same principle to how God stretches us?  God never expected us to stay babies in the body of Christ; He always desired for us to grow and mature to be sons of God.  Just like your business or ministry; God never expected it to be a hobby, but to flourish and expand in the earth realm.  This same principle applies to your family, relationships and within.

When we start a business or a ministry or just get saved; we all start at ground zero or let me say, first grade.  However, if we do not learn how to be comfortable in this place called uncomfortable, we will never grow or our business/ministry will never to expand to the next level.  See diagram below:

  The shaded box in the middle is where you live and where you do business, ministry and relationships.  It is called the place of “comfortable”.  It is a familiar place, and a place where you know how to maneuver.  It is also a place where you do not have to trust God because you know how to make things happen.  However the outer box represents the next level living, next level provision, next level business/ministry, next level relationships, and next level fulfillment and contentment within you.  In order to get to the outer box, you must go through the white area and that is the place called “uncomfortable.”

As long as you run from things that are uncomfortable to you and as long as you keep relieving your own pressure when things get tight; you will never see the next level that God wants to bring you into in every area of your life.  Recognize that everything you are uncomfortable, God is stretching you and enlarging your tent.  It is never designed to kill you but only to increase you. 

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Navigating Your Dreams

When you hear the word navigation system, what comes to your mind?  Would it be a small device that sits in your car or the app that is in your phone that gives you step by step directions to your destination?  That is what I want to talk about today, your navigation system.  Are you navigating from the driver’s seat or the passenger’s seat to your destiny?

I want to compare the navigation system to our minds.  It is where all decisions are made, it is where we contemplate what we are going to do, it is where we rationalize over things we must do, etc.  The Bible says we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Can you believe that?  We can be totally transformed just by renewing how we think and how we process?

The navigation system also has to be renewed by making sure they have the up-to-date software that has all the new streets and routes downloaded in it.  Could you imagine having a navigation system that you depended on to get you to your destination and it was not up to date.  So in the middle of your journey you found yourself lost and confused; too far to go back home and not close enough to ask for directions.

That is how many of us find ourselves in life sometimes.  We stepped out on God and what we believed God led us to do only to find that along this journey our mind hasn’t been renewed for this new faith walk.  What!  This new walk God has me on isn’t familiar to me.  I’m not comfortable on this journey because I am no longer in control like I want to be.  Isaiah 42:16 says, “I will lead the blind by a way they knew not and down paths they have not known; I’ll make darkness light before them and crooked places straight and these things will I do and not forsake them.”

When you are navigating from the driver’s seat it means you are listening to Holy Spirit daily for His leadership and step by step directions.  You are attentive to His small voice and the way He impresses upon your spirit to do.  Remember, your mind must be in agreement with your spirit and not oppose what Holy Spirit says to you.  If your mind is not renewed, there will always be a constant battle and reasoning which only brings frustration and confusion.  Command your mind to be in agreement with your spirit man and stay in the driver’s seat to your destiny and your dreams.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leaving a Legacy, It Is More Than Talk

I remember going to this ladies home going service that was tragically killed in a car accident.  I did not know her but she was the wife of one of my customers.  For the first time I witnessed a person who left a mark on so many people.  I have never been to a home going service where I witnessed the impact a person made on others.  People talked about this person’s life and how she lived and what she did and how she impacted people – that touched my heart tremendously.  I mentioned this because I realize that how we live is speaking volume to the people around us.

The word legacy is defined as anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.  God has called all of us to produce in His kingdom.  He put gifts, talents, assignment, vision, purpose, dream, and destiny on the inside of us.  God knew us before the foundation of the world and when we were born, we were born with a purpose to fulfill and a legacy to leave.
Some of us have started organizations, prayer groups, ministries, book clubs, networking groups, businesses, social groups, and/or have written books; however, my questions to you would be, “where do you see yourself going?”  Is it a hobby?  Is it for the moment?  Is this something to pass the time away or are you trying to build something that will outlast you? 

Whatever it is that you have started, it wasn’t a thought that popped into your head; but the very purpose of God downloaded in you.  With that in mind, we must consult God to give us the strategies that will bring the business or ministry into full fruition the way He originally intended it to be.  Mark 4:26-29, talks about a parable on how the kingdom of God operates.  We see from this parable that the growth of our harvest is in stages; first the blade, then the ear after that the full corn in the ear (vs 28).
When God releases His glory through our lives, it will always grow in stages.  We are not to get discouraged in the different stages, because God is always teaching and developing us to bring forth more fruit or shall I say more aspects in the business/ministry.  You must develop a mind that says, “I’m building something that will outlast me.”  When you recognize that you are building something greater than what you can see today, it will cause you to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices one must do for that purpose. 

It is like having a baby that needs your attention, and your care.  You must nurture and give attention to your business/ministry/organization like you would a baby.  Your attention and time and effort that you give into your business will shift as your business/ministry begins to take off, like the baby grows into different stages of childhood to young adult.  Remember, ultimately you want the business/ministry to grow to the point where it can take care of you, run without you and expand to the other components.
You only see today, but God who put the vision in you sees the end and He will guide you through the process and the different stages, if you allow Him to be the CEO and take the helm of the business.  Leaving a legacy means that when you die, the business or ministry doesn’t die with you.  For example, fast food places like Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, etc., all started by one person who had an idea.  I believe they have all past away or at least very old, but they all left a legacy that has grown past the very idea that they started with.  Who says, God desire for you isn’t to make a mark like that on the earth.  We must first believe that all things are possible to them who believe and then we must roll our sleeves up and begin to treat our business/ministry with the care and attention it needs at the stage that is in right now. 

Begin to ask God for the strategies that will cause your business/ministry to catapult to the next level.  Be faithful and be consistent.  Remember your business/ministry can’t grow pass your own personal development because you bring you to the table, no matter what you are building.
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Realigning Your Focus

There are many definitions to the word “focus,” but I would like to highlight the following meanings.  To adjust the focal length of the eye so as to produce a clear image; an adjustment of this to make a clear image / bring a lens into focus; any center of activity, attention; and to concentrate.
I look at life like a game of Spades; you never know from game to game what kind of cards you will be dealt.  But like the game of Spades, you play the best that you can with the cards you have been dealt.  There have been times where I felt like I had the worst hand base on what I perceived and won the game; and likewise I have had a fairly good hand and still lost the game.

We cannot perceive based on what is in front of us how something is going to turn out; however, we must begin to realign our focus, making adjustments so we can see life with a clear image.  Negativity doesn’t just fall off of a person; you must begin to see life through a new set of lenses.
The Bible says that what the enemy meant for evil, God can turn it around for good.  The reason why that is true is because God’s scope is much bigger than our scope of things.  We see life and things that have taken place from a limited point of view.  It is like trying to see the entire parade through a telescope.  It is impossible to see and connect all the dots in the beginning of the parade to the end of the parade.  You only see what is in front of you at that time.

I think about Jacob in the Bible when he set out to get a wife and he saw Rachel.  He loved Rachel and was willing to work 7 years for the father to marry Rachel.  After 7 years, the father duped Jacob and gave him Leah.  Ugly duckling Leah.  Can you imagine how Jacob could have been feeling?  I think he was pissed off. LOL!  However, he worked another 7 years to get the love of his life, Rachel. 
In the meantime, Rachel could not have children and Leah thought she could buy Jacob’s love with bearing him children.  Long story short, Leah and both Leah and Rachel’s handmaidens were all baring Jacob children because the women were trying to buy his love and affection.  Jacob was going through the motion and sexing everyone, but only had a heart for Rachel.  He could have been disgruntled, angry, feelings of betrayal by the father, disappointed that Rachel could not bare children or anything could have set in his heart. 

He could only see what was in front of him; but God was looking at the bigger picture.  God promised Abraham that out of him would be a great nation.  At the time Abraham had NO children.  A nation is considered a company of people; so God was working His word and plan and will in Jacob’s life bringing about the origin of this soon to be the children of Israel.  Jacob didn’t know what was going on, but he vowed to God in Genesis 28 that he was going to be his God.  Jacob had relationship with God.  Could you imagine Jacob getting mad after he was duped and said forget it; I’m out!
God always has a bigger picture that He is looking at and not just our circumstances.  Look at Joseph and how everything in Joseph life was negative from the pit, being sold as a slave, lied on and left in jail; but the bigger picture was God had to put him in position ahead of time because He knew that he was going to be 2nd in command to Pharaoh.  The Bible said that no matter where Joseph was, God was with him.  That means he kept his heart right.

Readjust your focus and keep your heart right, press into God so He can begin to show you that all things are working together for the good of them who love the Lord.  Keeping your heart right and your focus on God will enable you to rise above the obstacles instead of succumbing and allowing the obstacle to drown you.  Drowning, frustration, anger, disgruntled, complaining, etc. is all an indicator that your focus needs adjusting.  God has so much in store for you, but you must allow Him to work His plan and purpose in your life.  The ways of God is how God brings you into His purposes for your life. 
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Early Years are Building a Strong Foundation

No matter what a person is going to build, they must always spend time in the foundation stage, before building can take place.  The strength or weakness of your foundation can make or break any project, business, ministry, church, or family you are investing in.   Luke 14:28 says, For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?”  There are many things we can look at that we enjoy in our everyday lives, which someone had to invest hours in the foundation stage, so we can still enjoy these things today.  For the sake of the blog, let us look at the involvement of the airplane.

In 1899, the Wright Brothers designed their first aircraft: a small, biplane glider flown as a kite to test their solution for controlling the craft by wing warping.   In 1903 the Wright Brothers achieved history by having the First Flight of a True Airplane; which ushered in the age of aviation.   The Wright brothers perfected their design to the point where they could sustain flights of 24 miles in which they could bank, turn and do "figure eights." But in 1905, when the Wright brothers offered their invention to the United States Army, it was rejected without any consideration. Even the patent office was skeptical; an application filed in 1903 was finally approved and granted in 1906 for a "flying machine."
In 1909, the first great international aviation meet was held in Rheims, France. Sure of victory, the Wright brothers entered three planes in hopes of dominating the event.  A young unknown won the competition. His name was Glenn Curtiss.  As a result of Glenn Curtiss' early success, The Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company became the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world during World War I and went public in 1916 with Curtiss as president. Curtiss had become the world's largest aviation company.  The Wright Brothers and Glenn Curtiss were on to something great; but it wasn’t until the year 1929, that the two American companies combined to form the Curtis-Wright Corporation with stock worth $220M. Both Orville Wright and Glenn Curtis had stepped down from any control.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation is still around today and has branched out into other areas than just aviation.  They are a successful company that now market to the defense, power generation, oil and gas, commercial aerospace and the general industry.
What we know today as the Boeing 757 or 747 that we fly so comfortably on to take us wherever we want to go, started in 1916 by a man named William Boeing, who got his big break in 1917, when he got his first contract with the military for the Boeing aircraft line. 

Like Glenn Curtiss, the Wright Brothers and William Boeing; they all built a legacy that outlasted them.  They laid the ground work, they kept at the drawing board, and they kept perfecting their craft until that craft was able to take off without them. 
Your early years in your business and in your ministry and in your church and in your relationships are the MOST crucial years to the success of what you are building.  The foundation of a 4 story building is not as deep as the foundation of a 50 story building.  Only God knows what He is building through you.  You must submit yourself to the Master’s will and trust that He that started a work knows how to finish it.  Don’t fight the teething stage of trial and error.  Just like a baby whose teeth are growing in; it doesn’t feel good, but when the process is complete you will have a full set of teeth.

God is building something GREAT THROUGH YOU.  Learn what you need to learn, make the necessary adjustments now and watch God bring about a masterpiece that will outlast you.
Pastor Karen Presley, CEO

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Courtesy from: http://www.curtisswright.com/history.asp and From Wikipedia, “List of Airplanes”

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fruit that Remains

When I think about fruit, I think about a farmer who goes out and tills the ground to prepare for the seed he is going to plant.  A farmer is not only skillful but a strategist and he plan on how to bring about the right crop that will remain. 

There are so many external factors that can come into play when planting a garden or growing crop in your field.  It is the farmer’s responsibility to make sure he plants the seed in the right environment as well as making sure the ground is suitable for the seed to get into the ground so it can bring forth what he intended.
Well God is our vinedresser and He is the greatest strategist.  We are the seed that God has planted in this earth to bring about His desired fruit.  When I talk about fruit, I’m talking about your character, your gifts, your nature, your assignment, your purpose and destiny.  When God planted us, He desired for us to produce in the earth and to look like Him doing it.

Like a farmer, God will begin to purge, only to bring forth more fruit (John 15).  Purge means to “take away” to lift up or raise higher.  God will take the unfruitful branch and lift it from the dirt into which is has fallen giving it a better chance to be productive in another’s dirt.  Wow!  Can you see how in your transition of leaving one place to go into another; it was God moving you into another dirt giving you a chance to bring forth more fruit.
The word of God tells us that we are to ABIDE in the vine.  Abide means to remain, stay connected, stay in relationship with Jesus.  We abide by remaining in prayer and in relationship with the Father through His son Jesus.  You can’t say you are in relationship with any one and do not talk to them but once or twice a week.  That is not a relationship.  As we abide in the vine, we must trust that the vinedresser, who is God, is carefully watching over our lives; making sure we are producing and looking like Him in the earth.

God is the one who planted us and we are His seed so He knows what we are supposed to look like.  The branch receives its nourishments to produce from the vine.  All of the nutrients, vitamins, and sap are in the vine and it is giving the branch life and food to bring forth; as long as the branch is connected.
Don’t think that you can do what God has called you to do on your own.  Your supply is only coming from the vine and it is the vinedresser responsibility to watch over your ground and make sure He plucks up the weeds that would chock out your life and if necessary move you to another ground so you can produce more fruit.

Before the foundation of the world, God has always intended us to bear fruit that would remain.  Fruit that is tenacious; bold as a lion and gentle as a lamb, like our big brother Jesus is what God is looking for.  What Jesus started we are to finish; the paton has been passed to us.  What are you doing with your part of the race?  Stay connected and grow in your relationship with the Father.  Trust the vinedresser who sees more and knows more than you, so He can do what needs to be done in your life so you will bring forth fruit that remains.
Pastor Karen, www.karenpresley.org

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preparing For Breakthrough

In this world today, there are so many things we prepare ourselves for.  People prepare to go on vacation.  We prepare ourselves when we want to get another job.  We prepare ourselves once we get engaged for the wedding date.  When a person gets up in age or maybe they are dealing with a terminally ill situation, they begin to prepare themselves for death.  Everything we do; require us to prepare for things in some shape or form.  Getting things in order and aligning things aright so we can be ready for the thing that we desire.

Now the word breakthrough is defined as: the act of forcing a way through against resistance, as in warfare; a very important advance.  When we prepare ourselves for breakthrough, we are setting our minds, hearts and spirit to be engaged toward one purpose.  That purpose will advance you beyond where you are to get the desired results.  There is nothing lazy about preparing for breakthrough.  There is nothing inconsistent, indifferent or passive about preparing for breakthrough.
In order to prepare yourself for breakthrough; you must be hungry for it.  Let me ask you a question, how are you preparing?  What have you done?  Are you taking the passive approach?  Are you just waiting on God?  Whatever you are hungry for will have your focus.  Hunger prepares the way for breakthrough.  Breakthrough of what, you might ask?  Whatever you are standing in need of; it could be the thing God spoke to you that has not happened yet.  It could be in your finances or the next level of living you desire to reach.  A new car, business, job, or the book in you – the list goes on for the things we stand in need of.  There are so many occurrences in the Bible where we see hunger in the lives of people playing a part in their breakthroughs; however, for the sake of this blog, I will only focus on one. 

The Bible talks about how God fed 4,000 and of course we know he also fed 5,000 with only a few loaves and a few fishes.  (Matthew 15:29-38)  What I want to point out to you is that before there was a miracle, they were first hungry for Jesus and what he had to say.  The Bible said they followed Jesus for 3 days.  They were hungry for what Jesus had on his life.  They were hungry for what was coming out of Jesus.  Jesus is the Word made flesh and He dwelt among us.  We too still have the life of Jesus in our situation when we gravitate to the Word of God like the multitude was gravitating to what was coming out of Jesus.
They were sustained by the Word of God.  They did not think about their stomach and say, “oh, I’m hungry.”  NO.  They were engulfed with the Bread of Life that they were following and He was their substance.  Hunger is the first prerequisite for seeing your breakthrough in every area of your life.  The Word of God is not just for Sunday service or spiritual matters; it is for your everyday life.  The Word of God is practical enough to show you how to operate and live in the contents of the Word for your daily needs, desires and wants. 

The second prerequisite is your submission to the Word.  The multitude was submitted to the instruction that Jesus gave.  He told them to be seated and in one passage it said they were to sit by 50’s.  Can you imagine trying to get 5,000 people seated by 50’s?  They could have bucked against the disciples, complained and left.  It could have been mad chaos, but they were submitted to the Living Word of God speaking.
When we prepare for breakthrough, we must be hungry for God and His direction and instructions that He will speak along our journey.  From Genesis to Revelation, it is noted that whenever you saw the miraculous of God, it was always preceded with instructions.  We must also be submitted to the will of God for our lives and the way God wants to bring us into our breakthrough.  God is perfect and if He gives you an instruction that your flesh does not want to do; do it anyway.  Your flesh will always oppose the spirit, because it wants to keep you in a place of always wanting but never achieving.  That is why a lazy, inconsistent, passive and indifferent mentalities will never push beyond where they are to get breakthrough.

God desires breakthrough more than you.  He also knows how to get it to you.  God’s instructions are setting you up for the breakthrough, but if we never submit ourselves to Him, we will keep ourselves in a place of frustration and disappointments from life. 

I’m encouraging you to not let the year 2012 repeat the same cycles as 2011.  Allow me to assist you in the unlocking process that keeps one going in circles.  You have MUCH in you that someone is waiting to see your emerging.
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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birth Only The Promise

Happy New Year!  I’m excited about what this year shall unfold.   People often have different thoughts going on in them as they come to a close of one year and approach the next.  Will I repeat some of the same dilemmas as last year?  Will I be more committed this year and more productive?  Will I make more money or will I find myself struggling like the last year?  So many thoughts, concerns and often times worry can drain us before we ever get started. 

Have no fear, Jesus said, He has prepared a place for us and knowing Him as the Way, Truth, Light and Door will cause our lives to be less of a struggle.  When we define the word “way”, it means a space of passing, a route, a course, a method of doing something or manner of living.  Jesus said He is our method and route for 2012.  What does that mean?  We do not have to keep struggling in an effort of striving.  Striving to do better, striving to succeed, striving to get ahead, or striving to make it.  God’s Word must become our route and course that we must follow so we can remain in a place of “rest”, knowing we are on course for ultimately what God has pre-ordained for us to walk in.  Remaining on His path, will cause us to walk into the suddenly moments that already have our name on it. 

Jesus is also referred to as the “door.”  A door is a moveable structure for opening and closing an entrance, a means of access.  Do you realize that as you remain in fellowship with the Lord, through prayer and sitting still before Him, God will cause you to walk through the doors that He already prepared for you?  He is your means of access into your destiny, your happiness, your wealth, your dreams and desires.  We do not have to exhaust ourselves in works of the flesh; but remain in a place of rest so you can walk out what God has instructed for you to do.  There is a grace that will enable you and carry you through every God-given endeavor.

Galatians 4:23,29 says, “But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.  But as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit, even so it is now.”
Abraham was promised a child from God, but when it seemed like time was getting away from him; he decided to help God out.  As a result of his human efforts, to birth his own child, that child became a thorn to the one that was promised by God.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to look around at what others are doing and try to follow suit.  Some people exhaust themselves trying to be like others and do what others are doing and never find out what God wants them to do.  As a result, people have unnecessary frustration and some things leave us drained and dry in different areas.  Do not allow the striving of fleshly works birth something that God never ordained.  Some things can come back to bite you later. 

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