Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Power of Focus

Focus is defined as a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity; central point of a lens; the position of a viewed object.  In short, whatever we focus on has our attention and whatever has our attention controls our direction.

In order to pursue your destiny and dreams, you must determine what has your focus.  A lot of times we can get caught up with the news, politics, government, policy changes, church drama, job issues and family.  These are things that can steal our focus and we not even know it.  Slowly but surely, we find ourselves putting out fires to our lives or the lives of those close to us; and then whatever we were pursuing begin to take second base.

Decisions controls our destiny and we must learn to make them every day with the focus of our dream in mind.  True decisions means you are cutting off any other options.  We must not leave our decisions to the unfolding of life.  Learning to make better decisions and then learn from the wrong ones, will keep our focus on pursuing destiny and the dream.

You have to make a decision on what to focus on in each moment of your life.  Meaning what do I think about the situation, what should I do in this situation, what do I feel about this situation?  If the focus is on your destiny, then the daily decision will begin to line up so you can go in the right direction.

Below is a list of a few things you can put in place to help you with pursuing your destiny:

1.     Clearly decide on what you want
2.     Take actions pertaining to what you want
3.     Notice what works and what does not
4.     Change what is not working until you find what does

Utilize your experiences and keep strategizing.  Don’t allow failure to get you down, but see failure as an opportunity to plan another strategy that brings about better decisions to bring about different results in your life.  This is how we grow in the process.  Your journey and how you get to your end destiny is making you in the process and you are going to need to be that person that God is developing when you reach your place in destiny.

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You Must Come Out...In Order to Go In

The Bible is the only book written that can fit into any generation – it never gets outdated.  Well God said that He changes not and Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more.  So regardless of what situation you face, you will always be able to go into the word and find your solution.

With that being said, God has painted the picture for us in so many people’s lives the truth that in order to go into a new place in your life or business, you must be willing to come out of where you presently are.  Doors either (1) bring you into something, (2) give you access out or (3) transition you from one room to the next. 

From Moses to David to Paul to Joseph, to Abraham to the children of Israel, to Peter to Jesus, they all had to come out of something, in order to go into the next stage of their life.  For the sake of this blog, I’m going to talk about David.

David was the youngest of his brothers, a shepherd boy, and a worshipper.  He spent most of his time alone with the sheep and talking to God.  When God was ready to elevate his life, He sent a prophet named Samuel to anoint him.  Shortly afterwards, King Saul needed something that David could supply and that was his anointing to worship.  This began the process of David’s multiple transitions into God’s ultimate purpose.  David went thru a series of changes and challenges, but God was with him and ultimately it was David’s training ground for His assignment.  God transformed David from being a shepherd boy into a mighty skilled warrior that led Israel into many victories.

Today, so many people sense and know that there is ministry or something greater than what they are doing in them but do not allow God to transition them into the different training grounds needed for them to fulfill their ultimate assignment.  So we have people doing ministry in their church or maybe something on the side, without ever reaching their full potential and without making maximum impact.  We also have many people who are frustrated, confused and disgruntled about where they are physically, emotionally and/or spiritually.

When David came to Saul to meet a need, it was a door that God provided.  When David killed Goliath, it was a door that God provided.  When Saul asked David to be captain over his army, it was a door that God provided.  When Saul turned on David and forced him to run, it was still a door that God provided.  God provide the door, but it was still up to David to go through the door.  Remember, doors either bring you into something, gives you access out or transition you from one room to the next.  Every door was not favorable to David’s flesh, but it brought about favor and increase to David’s life.

You will never come into the next season of training, if you are not willing to come out of where you presently are.  We are too settled and comfortable where we are and that is hindering our mobility in life.  God is giving us doors of opportunity that we are not walking through, because it requires you to leave something and that is where the fear comes in.

You may have to come out of a physical location to get to the next level training that God has for.  You may have to come out of an old way of thinking in your soul to get to the next level that God is trying to take you.  You may have to let go of the emotional baggage you have been holding onto for year to get to the next place that God is taking you into.  You will never operate beyond the information and knowledge that you are being taught and trained. 

David was a worshipper, but it was in the different stages in his life that God was making him a warrior.  David left what was comfortable and familiar to go into the unfamiliar and uncomfortable with God and it was those seasons that made him still a talked about name in our generation.

What are you afraid to let go of?  In order for you to be, do and have all that God has called you to be, do and have – you must be willing to go through the door of opportunity and leave where you presently are.  God and all that you have been praying for is on the other side of your obedience.  Just like God sent the prophet Samuel to David to shift his life, God will send someone into your life to shift you. 

I know that God has released me as a prophet in this generation to shift people’s lives and bring them into the fullness of what God has for them.  Go to: and view the many resources and ways that I can assist you in your journey.
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