Monday, June 27, 2011

The King's Speech: A Story of Overcoming the Demons Within

In the 2010 Oscar-winning historical film “The King’s Speech,” King George VI (Colin Firth) reluctantly takes the position of the throne and must overcome his stammer in order to speak with authority and eloquence expected of a king.  He hires Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush), an Australian speech therapist to assist him with his problem.

This movie blew me away and how it paralleled what we in the Body of Christ must go through in order to assume our rightful position as kings in the earth.  Revelation 1:6 says, “we are kings and priest unto our God,” that means we stand in the position of king, the power of king and the authority of king.

In this story, King George VI had to speak on occasion as his father was dying.  His brother was off doing his own thing and didn’t want any part of the royal responsibilities.  King George VI would clam up with fear and anxiety every time he went to the microphone to speak.  

After much failure with other speech therapist; his wife finds Lionel to help him.  Lionel was different, a little unusual; but effective.  King George found himself trying to tell the therapist what to do and he fought him on many occasions.  Isn’t that what we do with God; or the man/woman of God that is given to us to assist us in our destinies?  King George wanted the mechanics from Lionel; meaning he wanted to do exercises that would help him with stuttering but he didn’t want to get personal which would deal with the real issue behind his stuttering that Lionel had spotted.

King George was angry and held a lot of fears, resentment and hurt and bitterness on the inside of him; due to his father disappointment and the things he experienced growing up.  So now that King George VI is an adult, the demons of his childhood are now trying to rob him of his rightful position as king.
After King George’s father dies; he found himself opening up to Lionel and allowing the things that he had buried on the inside of him to finally be released.  This too is what we must do as believers in order to walk in the fullness of what God has called us to.  

God is raising up leaders who have His heart for his people and His counsel that will bring the believer into a place of wholeness so they can walk in Kingdom Assignment.  We too must face the demons of our past and our childhood that is trying to rob us of our present.  It wasn’t until King George VI trusted Lionel, his therapist, with those deep dark secrets, that King George could finally start walking out of his past.
We must learn from this very profound story of one man’s life of how he overcame the demons of his childhood in order to walk in the full authority of what was handed to him.  As believers, we stand in the position of king, the authority of king and the power of king; but until we too face the demons of our past, they will rob us of fulfilling Kingdom Assignment.

Trust the man/women that God has placed before you to assist you in overcoming your past; that you might walk in the fullness that God has for you.  You can’t do it on your own; that is why God puts people in your path.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Importance of Branding

In business, BRANDING yourself, business and/or ministry is just as important as the business and/or ministry that you operate. Your material is speaking on your behalf.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

God's Healing Power is Still Flowing

Jesus came to set the captives free. There was a lady with an issue of blood for twelve years and had suffered many things from many physicians. She spent all her money and she was none the better but rather grew worse. (Mark 5:25-34) As it was in the Bible days, so it is still today.

We too have been in situations where we go from doctor to doctor hoping for answers and to get better. Sometimes our bodies are NOT responding to the treatment they give us. I’ve heard people say they felt like the doctor was experimenting with them. Yes, God can use doctors, but ultimately God is our Healer (Jehovah Rapha) and there is where our trust must lie. God is still in the healing business; and yes God is still performing miracles with signs and wonders. Doctors can’t explain it, because God is confounding the wise.

Be blessed by this testimony:
I’ve been bleeding for over 3 months off and on, but more so on than off. The bleed was very heavy including clotting and I’d become anemic and had lost almost half of the blood in my body that a normal human is supposed to have.

I tired two (2) different birth control pills, nothing worked. My last result with my GYN was the Lupron Shot, said to stop the bleeding for 3 months. It never happened…I kept bleeding. I came into Karen’s shop on Monday, May 16, 2011 to fax some documents. I discussed my bleeding issues with her briefly. She asked if she could pray with me.

She laid both hands on me, my forehead and my lower abdomen and began to pray…then she put both hands on my lower stomach where the 3 tumors are located. She prayed that God would restore my body to the original way it was when He created me, to shrink the tumors until they are no more. When she said that, I felt a hot flush within my body in my abdomen area where her hands were.

Later that day once I returned home from running my errands, I went to change my personals and it was clean. I had 3 pads on that day and not one of them had a spot of blood. They were all clean. Today is June 10th, my period is still off. -- Jennifer D.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Facts About Book Publishing

There can be a lot of confusion about self-publishing and print-on-demand. As you decide the best publishing path for you, I would like to clarify a few misconceptions you may have heard.

1. MYTH: Whoever owns the ISBN owns the rights.
FACT: This is not true, most publishers like Anointed Press Publishers assign the ISBN for the authors' convenience, but Anointed Press authors always keep 100% of the rights to their book.

2. MYTH: Independent self-publishing is different from publishing with Anointed Press Publishers, because the publisher owns the ISBN.
FACT: It is true that the ISBN identifies the publisher of record. With Anointed Press, authors can supply their own ISBN. If that is the case, we will still design and print their book and market their book according to the package they pick. It's up to the author if they want to use their own ISBN or allow us to assign it.

3. MYTH: Printing a book with an off-set printer is the same as publishing it.
FACT: Printing a book is one facet of publication. Before a book can be printed, the interior must be designed, cover designed and layed out to proper print measurements. Once printed then it is made available for distrubtion through online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. It is also listed in Anointed Press catalog as well as books in print.

Printing a book with an off-set printer accomplishes only one step. Publishing your book with Anointed Press Publishers accomplishes all of them. Almost anyone can "print" a book, but what about all that other stuff that is required? That's one of the many reasons so many authors choose Anointed Press Publishers.

I hope this was helpful. When you are ready to start you can call Anointed Press Publishers 301.782.2285 or go to: to view the many testimonials and packages that we offer. View all our books:

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PS - please read one of the comments from our author:

With Anointed Press Publishers, my first publishing experience was easy, fast and no hassle. Unlike online services, I experienced professional service with a personal touch. I felt like I had a coach during this process. Thanks.

CJ Gross, Author The Parent Connection