Monday, October 10, 2011

Are You Living or Just Existing?

Jesus came that we may have life and life more abundantly.  Although we know that scripture and confess that scripture …we do not live in the truth of that scripture.

Now let me explain something; existing doesn’t mean you are dead.  Anything that is dead is not breathing or moving; however, existing is defined as a person who is alive, but yet their life is not producing.
It is very easy to get in a routine, comfortable and complacent with the cards that you were dealt in this game called “Life”; however, I am here to jump start your motor to get you into gear because it is time to put yourself into drive.  You have been on “neutral” for too long.  It is more to you and what God wants to bring out of your life than what you have experienced. 

The Bible says that your latter days shall be greater than your former.  You may be saying, well look at what I’ve accomplished so far.  I’m successful, nice home, loving family, nice career; I’m doing something!  This blog is for you.  Or maybe you are the person who got stuck somewhere in your life because of disappointments or bad decisions or a loss of someone and now you find yourself going through the motions to survive.  I’m pushing both of you to get out of “neutral”, God has more to bring out of you.
Living means something is breathing, moving, bearing fruit, expanding, producing.  When God originally created mankind, He told us to (1) be fruitful; (2) multiply; (3) replenish; (4) subdue; (5) and have dominion.  Now let's look at the first two words for a minute; being fruitful and multiplying has the same meaning as:  increase, growth, reproduce, enlarge, productive, fertile, abundant, profitable, reward.

Can you see how easy it is to get into a rut?  We graduate from high school or college, some of us are working in our careers and a lot of us settled with what we could get.  We could have started a business but treat it like a hobby.  Maybe you started a ministry, but frustrated with the lack of help or support from others.  Needless to say, don’t stop where you are.  Don’t stop dreaming because the dream in you is what is fueling your vehicle to keep moving forward.
Don’t starve that part of you because things have not worked out or you have gotten comfortable with where you are.  If you are still living, then you should still be enlarging, reproducing, growing and increasing in different areas of your life.  The moment we stop enlarging or stop being fertile for another conception then we have shifted into “existing.” 

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I’m for you and I’ll be your greatest cheerleader.  I didn’t come from the good side of the track.  I know what it means to exist and I know what it means to live; living is far better than existing any day.

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