Friday, July 29, 2011

Understanding God's Seasons

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecc 3:1.  The word season in the Hebrew means Zaman; it’s an appointed or an affixed time.  If everything has a time then we must understand that as we go through life, there are divine appointments waiting for us.

God is not limited to our timetable.  We live by the chronos which is another word for time or the Gregorian calendar.  We measure time by 24 hours in a day; 30 days in a month; 12 months or 365 days in a year; however, God is not moved by the chronos.  God moves by “kairos” time.   Kairos time is a set apart moment/season.  They are God’s divine appointments where time and destiny meets.

Inside of every season are divine appointments.  God links His timing to His will; which is able to interrupt our chronos.  If we are going to be prepared for the kairos moments that are happening even as you are reading this blog; we must prepare ourselves to discern the times, seasons and events from God’s perspective and not our own.  We have a responsibility like the Children of Issachar in 2nd Chronicles who understood the times and the seasons.  

How do we prepare?  Spending time in the word and in prayer prepares your spirit to discern the prompting and voice of God.  It sensitizes you and makes you familiar with the stillness of God.  God will not speak over your chaos and the noise around you.  The talk of the news and what’s going on can’t be more prevalent than God’s presence.  Yes, it’s ok to stay abreast of the national crisis in the world; however, you must see and hear with your spiritual eyes and ears.  Not allowing the negative comments to be bigger in you than the truth of God’s word.

There is a daily shaking in the world system that strikes fear and confusion in those around us.  We face an uncertain future; however, I believe God is offering the believers tremendous opportunity to break through the norm and see the Kingdom of God expand.  This is the time to press into God and hear the clarion call that has already gone forth as God prepares His bride to bring forth the greatest level of His glory on the earth.  Romans 8 talks about how all the earth is travailing, and groaning in expectation of the manifestation of the Sons of God.

This is the time to stay focus on the big picture and not the day to day obstacles that are stealing our attention from the greater purpose.  Do you remember “Get Smart” the TV show?  Maxwell Smart would walk through these doors and one by one as he reached the door it would open.  Maxwell never stopped walking.  He didn’t pause or hesitate to see if the door would open; he just kept moving forward with full anticipation that the next door would open.

I like to call that the seasons of God and when we walk through another door it represents the kairos moments.  If we are good stewards over our chronos, by keep moving forward with what God put in your heart to do then we will step into the divine appointments that God has for us which will transition us into another season.

Pastor Karen Presley

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Making of an Extraordinary Woman

We live in a society where ordinary, the norm, just making it has become the status quo. Because of life and our experiences a lot of us have become so accustomed to just getting by or doing whatever it takes just to survive.

God never called us to survive but overcome. We must learn to rise above every obstacle that presents itself, in order to seize the opportunities God has before us. Allow me to share the movie, “The Secretariat.”

Diane Lane in the movie, “The Secretariat” grew up on her parents stable and she loved horses. As she grew, she put her dream aside, as so many people do, to marry and raise a family. After the death of her mother, she found herself back at her family’s stable for the funeral and discovered that they allowed some things slip. She felt impressed in her heart to stay behind and handle the business of the horses, as she sends her family back home. Her passion was ignited again, the thing she laid down for her family has now found itself in the forefront of her heart.

During these times in the 1970’s, men pretty much dominated in the horse racing industry and women were to be seen and not heard; but this didn’t stop the gracious and tenacious owner of the race horse “The Secretariat otherwise known as ‘Big Red’.” She followed her passion, her dream and overcame the odds of that time period where women were not taken seriously. She did her homework and she stood up and overcame every obstacle that was presented. She was a housewife who’s family farm was 6 million in debt, about to lose the farm, needed money, made fun of by countless men; but she had a DREAM. She believed in a horse that no one else did. All the men who were educated and trained in this field had counted Secretariat a looser, but not Diane. She held onto every dream and that caused here to win a triple race that has never been done in 25 years.

She had to go against every NAYsayer, doubter, and every person who fought her along the way. Family didn’t understand, brother wanted to fight her, men were laughing at her, but the power of her faith caused her to overcome the temporary discomfort and be one of the extraordinary women of her times. She did what NO man has done and that made her great.

What are you afraid of? What have you told yourself or maybe someone told you that has hindered you? I want you to get that dream back to the forefront of your mind and say, “All things are possible to them who believe.” I need you to feed your faith and take courage that what is on the inside of you shall live. I believe in you. If you are reading this blog, it is not by coincidence, this word is for you to put into place the first step that will move you forward to achieving the greatness that is on the inside of you.

Let me coach you!  If you are in need of help, coaching, mentoring on how to move from point A to B, please give me a call so I can assist you with walking into your greatness.
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