Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spotlight - Facing Truth

At the end of last year, I stumbled upon the movie Spotlight through my Fandango app.  It was about a team of journalist called Spotlight that was inside the Boston Globe that investigated allegations against a priest in 2001. It was a powerful movie that showed how these journalists were willing to go beyond the norm to expose truth.  It was a story that was previously told on a surface level until Spotlight was willing to go deeper, and in going deeper they uncovered not only kids being molested by priest, but a system that was corrupted. 

As the movie was playing, God was speaking to me.  We live in a world where many people do not like to rock the boat, so we cover up or ignore what we see for the sake of being comfortable or keeping the peace.  As it relates to the movie, it took an outside man to shake up the people in that company, in the Catholic Church, and in that very Catholic town which caused the truth to be revealed, not just in Boston, but ultimately it was a worldwide epidemic.  When Spotlight began to investigate, they realized that everyone who had previously been questioned was just passed over.  When the story initially came out, people didn’t believe or they watered down and brushed over the truth because it involved the church.

Today abuse is no longer taboo, because it is something that many of us had to overcome and still overcoming.  Many of us have experienced emotional, sexual, physical, mental and spiritual abuse and some of us do not know it.  Some of us have experience abuse from family members, extended family members, on the jobs, in friend’s homes and in church.  Abuse is even in our political system and government.  God sees all and He knows all and just like Spotlight, the movie, God is shining His spotlight into the churches, marketplaces, inside the homes and government to expose the things He has seen all along.

As a pastor, who is also a deliverance minister (in training), that has been strategically positioned in the marketplace, I have seen God shine the spotlight in the lives of His people.  The reason why God is exposing is so He can deliver His people from things in their past that is hindering their mobility and advancement today.  It is never to bring shame.  However, I have witness so many people run, withdraw from me and/or just stop dealing with me, because it is easier to be around people who think we are wonderful.  It is easier to keep pretending instead of facing truth.  Facing truth is the first step to being liberated from the lies that keep us perpetuating the mask we wear.  Along our journey, mostly our childhood, we develop fake personalities where we are an accepted person – the mask.

You can’t get free from anything in the kingdom of darkness without receiving truth and if you refuse to accept truth, then you remain bound to the lie of the enemy.  Only truth can heal you, that is why the enemy will always lie to you to keep you in his control, but the moment you begin to reject what you tell yourself and receive truth then you become free and start your healing process.

That lying spirit never works alone, but fear is right behind him.  The lying spirit puts the thought in your head, either a lie or some negative truth or something fabricated.  Then the FEAR spirit waits to see if you are going to accept that spirit as your own.  Once you receive it as your own, then the FEAR demon attacks your soul which causes you to have negative emotions and now the lie feels true.  If you take the lie in as yours then we open the door to the enemy to attack us.  If we learn how to reject the lie from the beginning, then fear and lust can’t rule our lives.

Can you see why it is important to really begin to deal with your thought life?  Can you see why God is bringing the spotlight to our lives?  It is time to take off the mask and expose the fake personalities we have become so accustomed to.  God is exposing because He is bringing healing, not shame.  When God exposes, it won’t be on your time frame, but His time frame.  He will allow things to happen, to expose a deeper truth.  It was never about the incident, but what was in us.  For example:  Why did you respond like that?  Why did you go over or blow up?  Why did you withdraw?  Why is it that a week later and it still stays on your mind?  Why do you ignore that person, their phone calls and emails?

God is using me, like He used the guy who came into a company and shook up that environment.  As a ministry gift that God is raising up, I had to learn how to be comfortable in the assignment God has given me.  I did not choose it, but it was bestowed upon me from the Father.  No matter what platform I’m on; Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., Karen Presley Ministries, Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center or Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries, the oil on my life will be speaking even when I am not.  I know what it is like to look one way on the outside and be something else on the inside.  I know what it is like to be anointed and gifted, but yet still deal with inner struggles.  I am the first partaker of every message I deliver and that is why God is using me because many people are still in the stage of running or hiding behind their talents and titles.  Now is the time for change.

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