Monday, April 12, 2021

Gracie's Chair

God always allows me to see the principles of His kingdom through our everyday life scenarios.

Meet Gracie, the dog that captured my heart at first sight.  When I first met her, I thought she was Chastity, my childhood dog reincarnated.  A few days after that crazy talk, God woke me early in the morning and said, “Everything I created knows my voice and smell, except my people.”  God started showing me Gracie’s mannerisms from a Kingdom perspective.  She could smell the God on me and would respond and interact with me from that place.

Now, why do I call this blog, Gracie’s Chair?  It was 2 weeks after we moved in with one of my leaders, that the COVID-19 pandemic hit the earth and everyone started working from home that changed Gracie’s atmosphere.  Prior to our arrival and COVID-19, she could only sit in her chair, located in the family room, and sleep in her dog bed in their room.  This is Gracie’s 3rd home, for the other two were abusive, and this family loved her and made her safe and comfortable, but only in the areas that they permitted.  

Because of my and mother's love for dogs and how we interacted with my childhood dog, I didn't realize we were crossing the boundaries they set for her.  In one moment, Gracie's atmosphere went from being alone all day while her masters went to work -- to people being home all day and now having access to the entire house, by accident because of the love that we had for dogs.

The chair represented her home, her safe place, her “go-to” place, her comfortable place, her familiar place and she would stay there all day with no problems only to wait for her master’s command.  BUT NOW, that chair is punishment to her.  She has been elevated, liberated, and set free from one chair to literally the entire house except for the kitchen.  Her attitude is like, the floor and chair are now beneath her; because she has experienced a greater love, the bed and just being in the midst of everyone.

When God revealed Gracie’s disposition of this chair, He flips the script onto His people.  His bride, His body, His set-apart ones, His priest who are kings in the earth and said, “I have given you access to my entire Kingdom, but yet you stay in the familiar places of Lode-bar.”  How many times has God spoken via His written word that became the answer to your question?  Or the spoken word, the preached word, or that inward witness that confirmed His direction or instruction, only for us to go back to that old habit and mindset.

God is calling His church to ARISE out of the places He has delivered us from.  Going back to Egypt or Lode-bar is a place that will only yield death; because those places represent where God was and not where He is.

Staying in sync with Heaven’s movements will cause you to begin to explore how to maneuver in God’s Kingdom inside the authority He has given you.  You can never be in the OLD and NEW at the same time.  You must CHOOSE to come out of the old, to explore the new dimensions in His house.

God is inviting you today, right now, to come out of the OLD and familiar conversations from your past.  They only fuel the enemy's agenda, which is to oppose God’s agenda for your life.  

I Love YOU, now ARISE!

Karen Presley

Kingdom Ambassador

Apostle, Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries

Founder, Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center

CEO, Anointed Press Graphics, Inc.