Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Don't Sleep on Jezebel

In an Apostolic Prophetic house, we have dealt with the spirit of Jezebel on several occasions; however, last week I heard God say, “don’t sleep on Jezebel.” 

In many arenas, she is not challenged so she keeps leaving her fruit of destruction along her path. She lives in the un-surrendered areas of our lives and surfaces when she feels something isn’t going her way.  Jezebel is a spirit that is masked behind people’s helpful-friendly personalities, beauty, laughter, fame, stature, and quietness.  She feeds off of the wounded places in our soul (mind, emotions, & will); however, like the old fashion teapot, she is brewing and festering inside the waters of rebellion.

She is ruling in many places.  Her handiwork is all over the earth; however, we never take authority over her because we don’t know her; therefore, she has gone undetected.  Not only does she come to shut the mouth of the prophet, but anyone who has a voice for the truth she wants to silence.  She comes to shift environments, and dictate situations to bring about her outcome in the church and the secular world. 

Jezebel ultimately wants to sabotage God’s order, plan, and purpose; in marriages, families, relationships, policies, and His church.  Her path is filled with division and discord among people in families, churches/ministries, organizations, marriages, jobs, arts & entertainment, political realms, and our government.  She is deceptive and cunning.  She is the one controlling the neck to turn the head the way she desires it to go.  She adorns herself in manipulation and her control can be subtle and deceptive.

When God said, “Don’t sleep on Jezebel,” it is because anyone can be open to this spirit.  It doesn’t mean you set out this way, but anyone can be a candidate.  Why?  Because she lives inside of the un-surrendered areas in our lives.  That means you can be living large, doing ministry, in business, married, good parents, etc. – doing the will of God and then in that area, unbeknownst to you that is still wounded, is where the spirit of Jezebel has an open door to influence, dictate and rule.

This spirit uses the spirit of religion and rebellion to manipulate the church (God’s people, not the church house you attend) into worshipping the god of works, programs, and self-help systems; which causes God’s people to think they are OK.  Instead of worshipping God in spirit and truth, they worship the god of their own making, of good feelings, self-improvements with no power.  So not only does Jezebel influence people, but she controls spirits to accomplish her assignment.

The scriptures tell us not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices (strategies, plots, tricks, and plans).  The spirit of religion (not denominations) are spiritual blinders that cause our senses to be darkened to the truth of God and that keeps us ignorant to the real fight.  God is calling His church to (1) arise, (2) change your position, (3) seek inner healing, and (4) fight to stay in truth; so we can build His kingdom.  This is the time of harvest and none of this can be done unless the church begins to HEAL.

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Karen M. Presley
Kingdom Ambassador