Monday, September 5, 2011

Are You Making Emotional Choices or Kingdom Decisions?

The word “choice” is defined as, an alternative, the best part of, a variety from which to choose.  When we make emotional choices that are led by our emotions, it will only bring about an emotional result.  Our emotions are dictated by conditions.  The emotions are influenced by the sense realm; meaning, what you can feel, touch, see, hear and smell will influence your emotional status.
Your emotions are not liable and they can’t be trusted.  You can see something or hear something that can literally alter your whole mood.  Has that ever happened to you?  It has happened to me on more than one occasion.  Therefore, when we make choices based on our emotions, the choices we make can lead us into a worse place; because it was based on our mood at that present time.
The word “decision” is defined as a firmness of mind, the act of making up one’s mind.  The benefit to making Kingdom decisions is that it will bring about God’s agenda, plan, purpose and assignment for your life.  Now, I’m not talking about church stuff; but the Kingdom of God lives on the inside of you.  When we make Kingdom decisions, we are advancing the Kingdom on the inside of us.  God wants to advance His plans, purpose, and agenda forward in our lives.  People should be able to eat from the fruit of your life. 
Why do we seem to get ahead only to go backward?  Why can’t we reach that next plateau in our lives or business or ministry?  Why can’t we get over that hurdle to reach the next level?  Could it be that we are making choices that are influenced by our emotions?  Let me give you an example.
Peter, when he asked the Lord to bid him to come out of the boat to come to Jesus; that was a Kingdom decision.  Why, because Peter dared to step out of the box and made a decision that would advance him in the realm of the Spirit.  Once Peter was on the water, he began to look around and seeing the condition of the waves, began to fear and then to sink.  Peter made a firm decision to step out on Jesus’ word to “come”, but once he looked at his condition, the emotional choice was him taking his eyes off Jesus and looking at the condition.
How many times do we hear God’s word or instructions and make the decision to do what we hear, only to shrink back, turn around or just stop moving forward because we are looking at the conditions and circumstances.   God wants us to keep moving forward; having a firmness of mind knowing that He that started a thing will finish it.  Examine what is influencing your actions.  In everything He tells us to do; His purpose is to advance His Kingdom within us.
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Pastor Karen Presley
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