Saturday, August 4, 2012

Learn to be Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Nobody likes pressure; whether it is on the job, your business, your ministry, with family, relationships or within yourself.  Imagine something pressing against your leg; it was tight, hard and heavy.  Immediately you are looking around to get something to relieve the pressure.  That would only be common sense; however, when the pressures of life hit us God wants us to trust Him in the process.  When we learn to trust God even when you can’t trace God; you will begin to see your faith, strength and relationship grow.  God is always stretching us to the next level.

We understand this process in the education arena.  Teachers instruct us, give us pop quiz, test, exams and homework all to expand us and stretch our ability to put more in us.  So my question is, why do we not apply this same principle to how God stretches us?  God never expected us to stay babies in the body of Christ; He always desired for us to grow and mature to be sons of God.  Just like your business or ministry; God never expected it to be a hobby, but to flourish and expand in the earth realm.  This same principle applies to your family, relationships and within.

When we start a business or a ministry or just get saved; we all start at ground zero or let me say, first grade.  However, if we do not learn how to be comfortable in this place called uncomfortable, we will never grow or our business/ministry will never to expand to the next level.  See diagram below:

  The shaded box in the middle is where you live and where you do business, ministry and relationships.  It is called the place of “comfortable”.  It is a familiar place, and a place where you know how to maneuver.  It is also a place where you do not have to trust God because you know how to make things happen.  However the outer box represents the next level living, next level provision, next level business/ministry, next level relationships, and next level fulfillment and contentment within you.  In order to get to the outer box, you must go through the white area and that is the place called “uncomfortable.”

As long as you run from things that are uncomfortable to you and as long as you keep relieving your own pressure when things get tight; you will never see the next level that God wants to bring you into in every area of your life.  Recognize that everything you are uncomfortable, God is stretching you and enlarging your tent.  It is never designed to kill you but only to increase you. 

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