Monday, August 29, 2022

The New Era of God’s Ekklesia


January 2021, I declared, “The Dawn of a New Era: the Changing of Heaven’s Guards.” Many times we don’t know the whole totality of what Heaven is speaking when we release His prophetic decrees. In the first half of 2022, at different times, I heard, “It has begun,” “I’m making you battle ready,” and “A chosen generation for God’s battle.


Daniel 2:20-23 tells us that it is God who changes the times and the seasons in our lives. He declares that the secret things belongs to Him, but what He reveals belongs to us. God speaks in pieces, but every word He speaks connects to what He already said and will say. In 2007 I heard, “It’s a Paradigm Shift.” That means the whole model is changing. Here we are 15 years later and we are now inside of the unfolding of the Reformation of God’s Kingdom, as He awakens His Ekklesia in this new era that will reign victoriously and with a prevailing anointing.


As the Reformation of God’s Kingdom accelerate, God will begin to Restore His Order. Reform is defined as: the act of making changes (in institution or practice) in order to improve. Restore is defined as: to bring back, reinstate, and return back to its original condition.


Romans 11 tells us that there is a remnant God has chosen, not by their works, but by His grace. This remnant was hand-picked before the foundation of the world. No matter of your background, ethnic group, age or gender, God has been preparing you behind the scenes for this hour. He has been in every phase of your life. He knew all the choices you would make and been guiding you back to His path that got you to the place where you are now.


He is the Refiner’s Fire, Fullers' Soap, and the Potter, that has been dealing with your flesh, choices, and exposing the wounds of the heart. He was the one who brought you into those crossroads to reveal the inward places in you that needed healing. He desires truth in our inward parts and that is what God has been after inside of those scenarios that play outwardly in our lives.


The remnant are in different places. Some have dealt with their wounds and subdued their flesh, not giving into the 2nd voice. However, some are hiding, running, and some are still trying to make that crossover into a life that is sold out for God’s agenda. Recently, God said, “Ready or not, this battle will hit your front door.


The arising of God’s Ekklesia is the awakening of our true identity as heirs of God and joint-heirs of Christ Jesus inside of His Kingdom, which is His Government. Learning how to live in 2 realms is paramount to being effective witnesses of the glory. This Ekklesia will operate as God’s Kingdom officials and become King Jesus’ mouth in the earth; declaring what He says, forbidding what He is not allowing and God’s army angels will back us in the earth. The mountain of the Lord’s house shall arise in this hour to answer the earth and battle against systems of darkness.


Like Saul/David, Eli/Samuel, and Moses/Joshua; God is already in the NEW. Therefore, the OLD system, wounded conversations, religious movement is already DEAD to God, even before you see the Reformation with your naked eyes. The Harvest is READY and the Harvester / Reaper is here (Matthew 13:24-30), looking over His vineyard.


As an intercessor, I’ve been battling in the spirit over the ground that the enemy sowed his tares among the wheat. This fight is accelerating and I admonish you to bow in humility and say YES to HIS WILL before the next shift, that you won’t know of, until you see the side of the fence you are on after the shift.


2017 God showed me a dream that symbolized the “after math” of His shift and spoke, “I shifted and my people didn’t and the blind led the blind into a ditch.” How many signs do we need to know that God is doing a NEW THING that is springing forth that none of us have ever witnessed? Beloved, shut down all the extra curriculum and sit before God in humility to center and align yourself with Him. We are NOT in a same old season.


Apostle Karen Presley

God’s Sent Messenger