Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Early Years are Building a Strong Foundation

No matter what a person is going to build, they must always spend time in the foundation stage, before building can take place.  The strength or weakness of your foundation can make or break any project, business, ministry, church, or family you are investing in.   Luke 14:28 says, For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?”  There are many things we can look at that we enjoy in our everyday lives, which someone had to invest hours in the foundation stage, so we can still enjoy these things today.  For the sake of the blog, let us look at the involvement of the airplane.

In 1899, the Wright Brothers designed their first aircraft: a small, biplane glider flown as a kite to test their solution for controlling the craft by wing warping.   In 1903 the Wright Brothers achieved history by having the First Flight of a True Airplane; which ushered in the age of aviation.   The Wright brothers perfected their design to the point where they could sustain flights of 24 miles in which they could bank, turn and do "figure eights." But in 1905, when the Wright brothers offered their invention to the United States Army, it was rejected without any consideration. Even the patent office was skeptical; an application filed in 1903 was finally approved and granted in 1906 for a "flying machine."
In 1909, the first great international aviation meet was held in Rheims, France. Sure of victory, the Wright brothers entered three planes in hopes of dominating the event.  A young unknown won the competition. His name was Glenn Curtiss.  As a result of Glenn Curtiss' early success, The Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company became the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world during World War I and went public in 1916 with Curtiss as president. Curtiss had become the world's largest aviation company.  The Wright Brothers and Glenn Curtiss were on to something great; but it wasn’t until the year 1929, that the two American companies combined to form the Curtis-Wright Corporation with stock worth $220M. Both Orville Wright and Glenn Curtis had stepped down from any control.

The Curtiss-Wright Corporation is still around today and has branched out into other areas than just aviation.  They are a successful company that now market to the defense, power generation, oil and gas, commercial aerospace and the general industry.
What we know today as the Boeing 757 or 747 that we fly so comfortably on to take us wherever we want to go, started in 1916 by a man named William Boeing, who got his big break in 1917, when he got his first contract with the military for the Boeing aircraft line. 

Like Glenn Curtiss, the Wright Brothers and William Boeing; they all built a legacy that outlasted them.  They laid the ground work, they kept at the drawing board, and they kept perfecting their craft until that craft was able to take off without them. 
Your early years in your business and in your ministry and in your church and in your relationships are the MOST crucial years to the success of what you are building.  The foundation of a 4 story building is not as deep as the foundation of a 50 story building.  Only God knows what He is building through you.  You must submit yourself to the Master’s will and trust that He that started a work knows how to finish it.  Don’t fight the teething stage of trial and error.  Just like a baby whose teeth are growing in; it doesn’t feel good, but when the process is complete you will have a full set of teeth.

God is building something GREAT THROUGH YOU.  Learn what you need to learn, make the necessary adjustments now and watch God bring about a masterpiece that will outlast you.
Pastor Karen Presley, CEO

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