Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Key, The Cylinder, and The Door in the Kingdom

The word of the Lord says that God’s thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts and ways and how He will take the foolish things to confound the wise.  In the book of Acts, chapter 10 describes one of many accounts, where the wisdom of God superseded the wisdom of man.

In order for God to do anything on the earth, He needs a man to cooperate with His agenda.  We know in part and we prophecy in part and NO ONE person, knows or have all of what is in God’s mind.  The Bible is filled with the wonders, splendors and the many facets of His demonstrations.  If we could box God in and depict His next move, He would not be God and we would not need faith to please Him.

Acts 10 reveals God’s will to bring about salvation to the Gentiles because of one man’s reverence toward Him.  This account also reveals that God is not a witch and cannot ZAP His plans or snap His fingers to get things done; but how He carefully works through people to release His purpose.  God gave Cornelius instructions to search out a man name Peter.  Now what makes Peter so special -- is that he was one of the 12 disciples, the one who walked on water, the one who cut off the soldier ear at Jesus’ defense, the one who received revelation from the Father about who Jesus was, one of the 3 in Jesus’ inner court, the one who denied knowing Jesus, and the one who preached at Pentecost where 3,000 souls were saved.  However, no matter what Peter’s past resume was, God had to prepare him for his next assignment that would go against his logic.  While Peter was in a trance, God spoke three times, “Don’t call unclean, what I have called clean.”  That word prepared Peter to go with the men who appeared at his door.

Peter’s ability to keep following the leadership of the Spirit enabled God to carry out His full plan of salvation to the Gentiles.  Many times, we start off following God, but somewhere in route, we bring too much of our own logic, man-made prodigals, religious (old-wineskin) mentalities into God’s playing field, which hinders the purposes of the Kingdom. 

Peter, represents the cylinder as well as leaders and generals in the Kingdom; however, Cornelius represents the key, and the remnant that will not look like the present leaders and how people are doing it now.  When the key and the cylinder come together it unlocks the door in God’s Kingdom that releases what Heaven wants to release on the earth.  Here lies the problem.  If Peter would have gotten into his own thoughts when he approached Cornelius, it would have robbed God of what He was releasing in the earth.  The door would have never opened because God needs the key and the cylinder to come together the way He purposed it to unlock His greater purpose.

As it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit; keys have been uniquely cut for its cylinder; likewise, so is the person that God joins.  Many times, senior leaders are developing emerging  leaders after their own order, principles and what they want and not so much the order and principles of the Kingdom of God.  When we do that, we end up “un-cutting” the uniqueness in the key that the Father crafted; and the key the Father crafted was to unlock something significant that the Father is releasing.  One person will NEVER be the key, cylinder and the door.  Be careful that you are not fighting God concerning who He joined you with, because you want to dictate, control and manipulate the relationship that God joined.  When that happens, it robs God of the greater demonstration that He intended by the two coming together.  We all have a voice and we are all pieces of God’s puzzle, just like we are all apart of the tapestry of the Kingdom.

Karen M. Presley
Kingdom Ambassador