Thursday, May 24, 2012

Leaving a Legacy, It Is More Than Talk

I remember going to this ladies home going service that was tragically killed in a car accident.  I did not know her but she was the wife of one of my customers.  For the first time I witnessed a person who left a mark on so many people.  I have never been to a home going service where I witnessed the impact a person made on others.  People talked about this person’s life and how she lived and what she did and how she impacted people – that touched my heart tremendously.  I mentioned this because I realize that how we live is speaking volume to the people around us.

The word legacy is defined as anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.  God has called all of us to produce in His kingdom.  He put gifts, talents, assignment, vision, purpose, dream, and destiny on the inside of us.  God knew us before the foundation of the world and when we were born, we were born with a purpose to fulfill and a legacy to leave.
Some of us have started organizations, prayer groups, ministries, book clubs, networking groups, businesses, social groups, and/or have written books; however, my questions to you would be, “where do you see yourself going?”  Is it a hobby?  Is it for the moment?  Is this something to pass the time away or are you trying to build something that will outlast you? 

Whatever it is that you have started, it wasn’t a thought that popped into your head; but the very purpose of God downloaded in you.  With that in mind, we must consult God to give us the strategies that will bring the business or ministry into full fruition the way He originally intended it to be.  Mark 4:26-29, talks about a parable on how the kingdom of God operates.  We see from this parable that the growth of our harvest is in stages; first the blade, then the ear after that the full corn in the ear (vs 28).
When God releases His glory through our lives, it will always grow in stages.  We are not to get discouraged in the different stages, because God is always teaching and developing us to bring forth more fruit or shall I say more aspects in the business/ministry.  You must develop a mind that says, “I’m building something that will outlast me.”  When you recognize that you are building something greater than what you can see today, it will cause you to make the necessary adjustments and sacrifices one must do for that purpose. 

It is like having a baby that needs your attention, and your care.  You must nurture and give attention to your business/ministry/organization like you would a baby.  Your attention and time and effort that you give into your business will shift as your business/ministry begins to take off, like the baby grows into different stages of childhood to young adult.  Remember, ultimately you want the business/ministry to grow to the point where it can take care of you, run without you and expand to the other components.
You only see today, but God who put the vision in you sees the end and He will guide you through the process and the different stages, if you allow Him to be the CEO and take the helm of the business.  Leaving a legacy means that when you die, the business or ministry doesn’t die with you.  For example, fast food places like Wendy’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, etc., all started by one person who had an idea.  I believe they have all past away or at least very old, but they all left a legacy that has grown past the very idea that they started with.  Who says, God desire for you isn’t to make a mark like that on the earth.  We must first believe that all things are possible to them who believe and then we must roll our sleeves up and begin to treat our business/ministry with the care and attention it needs at the stage that is in right now. 

Begin to ask God for the strategies that will cause your business/ministry to catapult to the next level.  Be faithful and be consistent.  Remember your business/ministry can’t grow pass your own personal development because you bring you to the table, no matter what you are building.
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