Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Preparing a Winning Mindset in 2013

As we approach a brand new year, I first extend Happy New Year greetings to you.
Many times when we go into a New Year, some people can have mixed emotions about what the New Year will bring.  Depending on how the last year ended, sometimes determines how a person goes into a New Year.  I want to encourage you on developing a “winning mindset” for 2013, no matter what happened in 2012.

Our mind is like the steering wheel of the car; in the sense that it controls the direction of where we are going.  If your mind turns you to the left, then your body and emotions will follow suit, just like the steering wheel in a car.  In order to prepare you mindset to “win” and “overcome,” you must have an understanding about the subconscious part of you.
The subconscious mind is where your memory is housed.  It controls approximately 86% of your behavior and how you react and respond to life.  It is like being on auto pilot in an airplane.  Let me give you an example:  you can drive to and from work every day while putting on make-up, talking on the phone, eating, listening to the radio, etc.  You can get home automatically because you know where you live, so you do not have to think to get there.

However, if you were to go somewhere for the first time; you would get off the phone, turn off the radio and pay close attention to the directions because you are going somewhere you have never been before.  Well that is what you will have to do in order to prepare for a “winning mindset” in 2013.  You are about to go somewhere that you never been before and it will take your focus to get there.

1)      You must identify your beliefs that are negative, fearful and limiting you.  I always say that you can’t confront what you don’t first identify.  Your subconscious mind will automatically react and have you going in the direction that you are accustomed to; however you must pay attention to the thoughts that are playing in your mind.  Pay attention to how you respond to your circumstances and pay attention to what is coming out of your mouth.

2)      Confront and challenge yourself to get beyond what you are feeling.  You need to ask yourself, “Why do I feel like this?”  “Why does this get to me?” “Where did this come from?” What is really going on in me?  If you do not begin to confront yourself, you will always repeat the same patterns.  You cannot go in a different direction in life, if you continue to do the same as before.  So many times, people want change but they are not willing to pay the price for change. 

3)      Make declarations over your life to develop a “winning mentality” for 2013.  In order to change your subconscious, you must feed it new information.  Making winning, faith, and overcoming declarations will begin to fuel your new journey in 2013.  Do not just do it once or twice a week; but do it until you feel change.  Confess it until you begin to see results in how you respond to the circumstances in life.  Many times we start stuff but are not persistent, so we do not see the desired results.

I challenge you to change the level of your thinking as we go into this New Year.  God has things with your name on it waiting for you to get into the right position and posture to receive what He has already promised you.
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