Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Does your competition have a website?

If your competition is online, your business needs to be right there next to them. With today's technology forever changing, business owners also need to change with the times. Many potential customers will start and end their search online. Many people go with the first business they see that sounds appealing to the ear and eye.

If that business is your competition, then you are already loosing business. Some small businesses can get along fine with the basic website that explains their services, location, hours of operation and maybe a gallery of what they offer. However, if your business provides products, then you need a website to capture the audience that you do not come in contact with. You will not believe how easy it is to expand your sales geographically to potential customers that are actively searching online.

Even if you have a non profit organization, it is imperative that you have web appearance. Many people will search the website to see what your company is about and how you are making a difference in the lives of other people. Also when you think of online donations, you want to make it easy for people to donate.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tips and Strategies - Building Your Business Beyond a Hobby

There are many reasons why people go into business for themselves. Some people feel like there has to be something other than the 9-5 job; for some there friends or family members talk them into turning what they like to do into a business and for some they may have gotten fired from their job as was now forced to pursue their own. However, there may be some of you, like me, who just stumbled into a business, with no prior dreams of it.

Needless to say it is important for you to establish what your personal reasons for going into business for yourself. Take a minute and write down on a piece of paper 3 reasons for going into business for yourself. This exercise will help you to stay focus even in the rough times.

On the next blog, we will talk about what the difference between an entrepreneur and someone who treats their business like a hobby.

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