Monday, February 8, 2016

Intercessors in the Marketplace

The common denominator in business and ministry is people.  People are the ones we minister to and they are our customers.  People are the ones that serve on the helps ministry, adjutants, board of directors and they are our employees, volunteers, suppliers and vendors.  The world is made up of people, all shapes, sizes and personalities.  Our government is run by people, the stores are filled with people and every interaction we have to live in our homes involves people.  Even our family is made up of people.

Now, with that being said, God allows our lives to intersect for a reason.  We touch each other lives in ways that we can’t always comprehend at the time.  We bless each other and strangers with a smile, kind gesture or even a word that may be simple to us, but it was what the other person needed.  If we are open to God, we are used daily to be the answer or solution to other people’s questions and problems. 

I am the owner of Anointed Press Graphics, where we do graphics, printing, book publishing and websites.  When I moved into my storefront 11 years ago, I heard God say, “Karen, I called you to bring order, but how do you know what is out of order?”  It was in my storefront location, that I began to meet so many people in business, starting a business, five-fold ministry gifts, aspiring authors and people who had a dream, purpose and ready to step into their destiny. 

I can honestly say; I enjoy being a part of people giving birth to what is on the inside of them and launching into greater dimensions of what they have already been doing.  But on the flipside, it has also saddened me on how many gifted and anointed people operating in their business or ministry, but yet ignoring the wounded person part of them.  I have seen so many people cut relationships, stop talking to me, disconnect and pretty much erase me if something didn’t go their way. 

In the beginning I used to just put if off to God showing me what His people look like, what His leaders look like and what the church looks like and I would pray for people in general.  I was in training, being groomed by God for the assignment that is on my life and the platform He was using was my business.

Toward the end of 2015 and right into 2016, I felt like the training went to another level.  I encountered some things with different customers that really began to puzzle me.  I had this one situation where I was scratching my head saying, “How did this happen?  I have never done this before?  Out of all the people I have dealt with, how did I mess up on this person?”  I heard God say, “Karen I allowed her to touch your life so that you would intercede.”

I have several stories I could share, but it is really not about the stories, but how God’s people are reacting in and to life.  God also allows our lives to intersect, to expose those hidden things that lie dormant in us.  I call them “awe ha moments.”  We see each other’s gifts, talents, and anointing, but God knows the whole man and in this hour it is about coming to a place of recognition.  Not hiding behind your gifts, title, responsibilities or talents, but confronting the person part of you.  Well I realize that everyone is not ready to do that, so what people do is cut whatever level of relationship and disconnect from the person entirely.  People move on like you have the issue or you wronged them.

Well this is why God has need of Intercessors in the Marketplace.  I have seen people literally shut down emotionally and unable to function with me.  Of course they are still functioning in their environment that does not cause them any pressure.  I have people who are tied to me through my services they have purchased and instead of asking me for help, they are wasting money on a service that is not fully up.  Now let me explain, it is not because I cussed them out, didn’t perform a service, or I didn’t reach out to them; but it is because whatever the issue was at that time became the hoe that God used to go into the ground of their soul and begin to expose and shine light on a deficit that was already there.

So what happens, this pain point isn’t the first time it has reared its ugly head, but because we have become accustomed to “Keeping it moving,” we learned how to do life with these deficit’s in our soul.  We go our entire lives, starting families, doing business, doing ministry and having church; all awhile dismissing and not taking responsibility for our own actions, but always seeing someone else at fault.

I have an apostolic-prophetic call on my life, I’m a deliverance minister and I have a healing anointing; so my assignment will speak even when I’m not physically speaking.  People will back up and not realize why.  My oil and assignment is speaking in the realm of the spirit because it knows more than what I know.  So when God spoke that He has need for Intercessors in the Marketplace that means He has need of YOU.

You may say, I don’t walk in that same calling, but if you are a believer, it is your responsibility to intercede on behalf of God’s people and leaders once something is revealed.  If you are reading this blog, you can no longer just write people off, talk about them or their issues, or move on with your life because they moved on.  Now you become their intercessor.  Your prayer should be God bring them to a place where they begin to see what you are showing them.  Uncover those hidden things and open their understanding to see they are in need of healing and help.  Bring them to the place where they are ready to receive love from you and divinely arrange the vessel you will use for their healing. In Jesus Name.  Keep praying until you get a release to stop.

God has need of you, beloved.  You were strategically positioned in that business, organization or ministry for more than just making money.  You are in the marketplace at this appointed time, because your customers need more than just what you are offering on your website.  Will you accept the assignment?

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