Monday, July 10, 2017

Divine Midwife for A Divine Alignment - The Time is NOW!

Pregnancies……………who can predict them?  And who can really determine the outcome?

Who knew that an explosion of marital infidelity in ‘2007 would cause me to be impregnated with a marriage ministry divinely orchestrated by God for such a time as this………The NOW Season!

I know that I was divinely called by God because I could always hear His voice since I was a young girl.  I just didn’t know it was God that I was hearing.  I would know things no one else knew – see things no one else saw; and – hear things no one else heard.  There were a lot of holes and gaps in my life as if it were the unfinished work of a puzzle.  I had open visions & dreams that manifested years later in ways I didn’t understand but would connect later as if they were the missing pieces to the puzzle of my life.  As I looked for the missing pieces among familiar faces, well known ministry names, family & networking friends I discovered I was pregnant with a dream.  I was surprised, excited, and scared all at the same time while asking questions of myself.  How, when, and why did it happen?  Now here I was, 5 years later carrying my unborn dream from an unplanned pregnancy looking for the missing pieces in the aftermath of the bombshell that blindsided my marriage.  After sitting with myself and asking all the typical questions I decided not to abort the pregnancy but seek out information concerning the birthing process.

In 2015 I attended “Birthing Your Dreams” workshop with Karen Presley of Anointed Press Graphics, Inc. and left amped with a fresh new outlook on my pregnancy ready to produce holy marriages for God.  Yet there was still some healing & deliverance that needed to take place; therefore, I continued seeking faces of others to assist with the birthing of my dream.

I found not one that was divinely connected to me to assist in the birthing process.  They were great Lamaze partners, coaches and preppers, but none had the mark of alignment to align me correctly for the greater purpose on my life.  None came with the anointed teaching, correcting, nudging, chastising and cutting of God to get me to the place of Christ being fully formed in me (Galatians 4:19) for the birthing of my dream and for the greater purpose of God.  Don’t get me wrong, I benefited greatly from all those God had allowed to grace my path, but they weren’t the hand-picked of God to be my divine midwife.

NOW, here I am in 2017 divinely connected to my divine midwife that was NOT within my networking circles but divinely chosen by God as I was led to Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries with Pastor Karen Presley; my divine midwife, pastor and covering.

Who knew that God would lead me back around full circle to where I learned about the birthing process to give birth to the baby of my dreams!  Although I hash tagged ‘divine midwife’ in 2015 at the workshop, I didn’t know at the time I was declaring prophetically the outcome of my pregnancy because I heard it by way of the spirit and not the natural.  

Because of the mandate on my life, which is God’s ultimate purpose, I found the missing pieces to the puzzle of my life and now I’m ‘blooming where I’ve been planted’ by the divine hand of God. 

P. Teresa Edelen
Prophetic Watchman and Scriber
Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries