Saturday, January 28, 2012

Preparing For Breakthrough

In this world today, there are so many things we prepare ourselves for.  People prepare to go on vacation.  We prepare ourselves when we want to get another job.  We prepare ourselves once we get engaged for the wedding date.  When a person gets up in age or maybe they are dealing with a terminally ill situation, they begin to prepare themselves for death.  Everything we do; require us to prepare for things in some shape or form.  Getting things in order and aligning things aright so we can be ready for the thing that we desire.

Now the word breakthrough is defined as: the act of forcing a way through against resistance, as in warfare; a very important advance.  When we prepare ourselves for breakthrough, we are setting our minds, hearts and spirit to be engaged toward one purpose.  That purpose will advance you beyond where you are to get the desired results.  There is nothing lazy about preparing for breakthrough.  There is nothing inconsistent, indifferent or passive about preparing for breakthrough.
In order to prepare yourself for breakthrough; you must be hungry for it.  Let me ask you a question, how are you preparing?  What have you done?  Are you taking the passive approach?  Are you just waiting on God?  Whatever you are hungry for will have your focus.  Hunger prepares the way for breakthrough.  Breakthrough of what, you might ask?  Whatever you are standing in need of; it could be the thing God spoke to you that has not happened yet.  It could be in your finances or the next level of living you desire to reach.  A new car, business, job, or the book in you – the list goes on for the things we stand in need of.  There are so many occurrences in the Bible where we see hunger in the lives of people playing a part in their breakthroughs; however, for the sake of this blog, I will only focus on one. 

The Bible talks about how God fed 4,000 and of course we know he also fed 5,000 with only a few loaves and a few fishes.  (Matthew 15:29-38)  What I want to point out to you is that before there was a miracle, they were first hungry for Jesus and what he had to say.  The Bible said they followed Jesus for 3 days.  They were hungry for what Jesus had on his life.  They were hungry for what was coming out of Jesus.  Jesus is the Word made flesh and He dwelt among us.  We too still have the life of Jesus in our situation when we gravitate to the Word of God like the multitude was gravitating to what was coming out of Jesus.
They were sustained by the Word of God.  They did not think about their stomach and say, “oh, I’m hungry.”  NO.  They were engulfed with the Bread of Life that they were following and He was their substance.  Hunger is the first prerequisite for seeing your breakthrough in every area of your life.  The Word of God is not just for Sunday service or spiritual matters; it is for your everyday life.  The Word of God is practical enough to show you how to operate and live in the contents of the Word for your daily needs, desires and wants. 

The second prerequisite is your submission to the Word.  The multitude was submitted to the instruction that Jesus gave.  He told them to be seated and in one passage it said they were to sit by 50’s.  Can you imagine trying to get 5,000 people seated by 50’s?  They could have bucked against the disciples, complained and left.  It could have been mad chaos, but they were submitted to the Living Word of God speaking.
When we prepare for breakthrough, we must be hungry for God and His direction and instructions that He will speak along our journey.  From Genesis to Revelation, it is noted that whenever you saw the miraculous of God, it was always preceded with instructions.  We must also be submitted to the will of God for our lives and the way God wants to bring us into our breakthrough.  God is perfect and if He gives you an instruction that your flesh does not want to do; do it anyway.  Your flesh will always oppose the spirit, because it wants to keep you in a place of always wanting but never achieving.  That is why a lazy, inconsistent, passive and indifferent mentalities will never push beyond where they are to get breakthrough.

God desires breakthrough more than you.  He also knows how to get it to you.  God’s instructions are setting you up for the breakthrough, but if we never submit ourselves to Him, we will keep ourselves in a place of frustration and disappointments from life. 

I’m encouraging you to not let the year 2012 repeat the same cycles as 2011.  Allow me to assist you in the unlocking process that keeps one going in circles.  You have MUCH in you that someone is waiting to see your emerging.
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