Saturday, October 22, 2022



Allow me to paint a picture on inner healing, as I introduce Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center, Inc.


You move into a new house, you fully furnish it, and refrigerator is full of food. You love the ambiance of your new place because it’s your harvest, what you believed God for. However, there is something wrong when you turn on the air or heat. It has a foul order that is oozing from the vents into the atmosphere. Now if no air or heat is pumping, everything is good, and you are enjoying your home. But no matter how big, small, or luxurious your house is, that one issue will cause everything you worked hard for, to disrupt your atmosphere.


The vents represent your soul (mind, emotions, and will), but the air ducts that sits inside the wall that you cannot see, represents the backend system of your soul. What’s sitting inside the duct system of our soul is the trauma’s that happened in our childhood, (no matter how small or big). They are old, in the past, and dead; and those are the things that causes the foul odors that oozes out of our conversation and behaviors.


Jesus died on the cross not just for sin, sickness, and diseases, but for every emotional and mental trauma. God healed us the moment we came to Jesus for salvation and the moment we prayed for His healing in our life. Oftentimes, we can recall things in our past from a place of facts or knowledge, but don’t realize the baggage (pain) that it left in our soul that became numb; that’s the hidden thing inside the duct system. So, when the temperature changes in our lives, (new or loss of job, house, position, marital status, business, etc.), then what’s in our ducts start oozing out of the vents of our soul by way of behaviors, conversations, excuses, and justifications. We don’t realize it because we think it is just us or our choice. But the enemy uses what sits inside our duct system to rob, steal, and destroy the things Jesus said He came to bring life to.


This is the hour that God is bringing the church into our spiritual inheritance, like as it was in the days of Joshua. Coming out of the era of just wandering around the wilderness of church services to passing over to possess the land of promise. Our spiritual inheritance isn’t what we worked for, but something we were predestined to do, and was passed down to us. However, just like being in a new house and smelling that foul odor coming out the vents, will cause us not to enjoy FULLY what God is bringing us into.


This is the message of INNER HEALING. There is a Safe Haven that the Father has been carefully crafting over the last 16 years, by His hand to HEAL and bring supernatural release to His people. As we are about to enter 2023, we will be embarking on a new journey inside of God’s Reformation of His Kingdom.


Karen Presley

Apostle, Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries, Inc.

Founder, Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center, Inc. |