Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Understanding "Time" Before the Harvest

As a ministry gift, coach and business owner; I am always interacting with people.  God has given me the privilege of seeing people’s lives play out over a long period of time.  I know you probably have heard that we are in a shift or transition.  Many of us God has been calling us out of the boat of familiarity and comfortability; but like Peter a lot of us begin to look at our circumstances and the conditions of the economy or our health and finances and allow what we see to throw us off and influence the decisions we begin to make. 

Transition is not always easy because you are no longer where you used to be but not fully where you desire to be.  Sometimes it is in these moments called “time” that will make us or break us.  Don’t get stuck in between seasons, but expand, learn, grow, heal and maximize who you are in the seasons of “time” so you can come into and enjoy the full harvest God has for you.

I have 5 keys below that I want to focus on when it comes to maneuvering through “time” before we get to the full harvest.

à1.  Increase requires your heart to remain pure during the process.  When we are in transition the things that lie dormant on the inside of us will begin to rise to the surface during these times.  When God is shifting us, He has to expose those things that cannot go into our next level.  Well this is where people miss it.  They let the times of pressure cause them to draw back because of the negative emotions that arise to the surface.  People have a tendency to be overcome by what they are feeling instead of understanding that God is exposing it so they can confront those things and be healed from it.  Don’t draw back, but press in and allow God to heal those areas of weaknesses that is arising to the surface.  This is not a bad thing, so keep your heart pure/clean and free from clogs during these times.

à2.  Stay focus to the vision that God gave you.  When Peter stepped out of the boat, he did it with the word “come” in mind that Jesus spoke to him.  That is great when we have the faith and courage to step out, but we must remain focus to what God spoke and not what we will begin to see after we step out.  When I moved to my storefront, I knew it was God but in 2008 when the economy shifted I had to remain focus on what God said and not what I began to experience.  I did not do what others were doing.  I had to seek God for His direction because He was the one responsible for me since He put me there.  I kept reminding Him of what He said He was going to do and not let other voices influence the decisions I made when the pressure was on.  We must rest assured that the God who told us to step out of the boat, is the same God who knows how to keep us from drowning; as long as we keep our eyes on the vision and not our circumstances.

à3.  Stay connected to God and keep your channel free so you can hear what God is speaking to you.  This can be a doozy if we have not come to a place called “rest.”  If our minds are all over the place because of the pressure we may be experiencing in this transition; then it will be hard to stay connected to God.  The foundation of anything that is being built must be solid in order for the building to withstand the elements that it may face.  The roots under the ground of a tree must be strong in order to withstand the elements of wind, tornadoes, hurricanes etc.  Likewise our foundation in who God is through His word and not thru religion, tradition and doctrine, must be solid so we too can withstand the pressure that comes from a broken economy.  When we find our rest in God, then it keeps our channel/spirit open so we can hear His voice.  He has a way of escape in every phase of our lives.  When we stay open, we will always hear His direction for the way of escape He has for us.  I am a living witness of this.

à4.  Enjoy the process and rest in His faithfulness for your life.  Embrace change and the times of stretching.  This goes hand in hand with step number 3.  When we keep our spirits clear from offense even in the times of pressure; we will begin to rest in His faithfulness for our lives.  This is where you have to remind yourself of the things He has already done for you.  You must remind yourself of how God always had your back, even when you didn’t think.  He has always been working behind the scenes of your life protecting and guarding you from our own mistakes.  When He begins to change you, it requires stretching you because He has a bigger plan than the one you can visualize right now.  He knows where He is stretching you to, so let Him and embrace your metamorphosis process.  You are changing from a caterpillar to a butterfly that is colorful and ready to mount up and fly.  Your Father sees more than the business you are doing right now.  He sees you in your place of purpose and destiny.  Let Him walk you there by embracing the changes while being stretched.  You are growing.

à5. Celebrate who God is and what He is doing in and through you.  Celebration, praise and worship will keep you above the waters instead of drowning in the times of adversity, change and pressure.  Celebrating what God is doing in your life, behind the scenes will cause you to be catapulted because you have passed the test and remained true to the process of God.  You must begin to see beyond what you literally see, so you can keep making momentum in the spirit.  Keep making strides and leaps and bounds toward your destiny and purpose.  Don’t stop because you ran into a wall or hit a bump in the road.  Celebrate God and know that He knew there was wall and a bump before you got there.  Celebrating God will cause the journey of becoming a lot easier.   

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spotlight - Facing Truth

At the end of last year, I stumbled upon the movie Spotlight through my Fandango app.  It was about a team of journalist called Spotlight that was inside the Boston Globe that investigated allegations against a priest in 2001. It was a powerful movie that showed how these journalists were willing to go beyond the norm to expose truth.  It was a story that was previously told on a surface level until Spotlight was willing to go deeper, and in going deeper they uncovered not only kids being molested by priest, but a system that was corrupted. 

As the movie was playing, God was speaking to me.  We live in a world where many people do not like to rock the boat, so we cover up or ignore what we see for the sake of being comfortable or keeping the peace.  As it relates to the movie, it took an outside man to shake up the people in that company, in the Catholic Church, and in that very Catholic town which caused the truth to be revealed, not just in Boston, but ultimately it was a worldwide epidemic.  When Spotlight began to investigate, they realized that everyone who had previously been questioned was just passed over.  When the story initially came out, people didn’t believe or they watered down and brushed over the truth because it involved the church.

Today abuse is no longer taboo, because it is something that many of us had to overcome and still overcoming.  Many of us have experienced emotional, sexual, physical, mental and spiritual abuse and some of us do not know it.  Some of us have experience abuse from family members, extended family members, on the jobs, in friend’s homes and in church.  Abuse is even in our political system and government.  God sees all and He knows all and just like Spotlight, the movie, God is shining His spotlight into the churches, marketplaces, inside the homes and government to expose the things He has seen all along.

As a pastor, who is also a deliverance minister (in training), that has been strategically positioned in the marketplace, I have seen God shine the spotlight in the lives of His people.  The reason why God is exposing is so He can deliver His people from things in their past that is hindering their mobility and advancement today.  It is never to bring shame.  However, I have witness so many people run, withdraw from me and/or just stop dealing with me, because it is easier to be around people who think we are wonderful.  It is easier to keep pretending instead of facing truth.  Facing truth is the first step to being liberated from the lies that keep us perpetuating the mask we wear.  Along our journey, mostly our childhood, we develop fake personalities where we are an accepted person – the mask.

You can’t get free from anything in the kingdom of darkness without receiving truth and if you refuse to accept truth, then you remain bound to the lie of the enemy.  Only truth can heal you, that is why the enemy will always lie to you to keep you in his control, but the moment you begin to reject what you tell yourself and receive truth then you become free and start your healing process.

That lying spirit never works alone, but fear is right behind him.  The lying spirit puts the thought in your head, either a lie or some negative truth or something fabricated.  Then the FEAR spirit waits to see if you are going to accept that spirit as your own.  Once you receive it as your own, then the FEAR demon attacks your soul which causes you to have negative emotions and now the lie feels true.  If you take the lie in as yours then we open the door to the enemy to attack us.  If we learn how to reject the lie from the beginning, then fear and lust can’t rule our lives.

Can you see why it is important to really begin to deal with your thought life?  Can you see why God is bringing the spotlight to our lives?  It is time to take off the mask and expose the fake personalities we have become so accustomed to.  God is exposing because He is bringing healing, not shame.  When God exposes, it won’t be on your time frame, but His time frame.  He will allow things to happen, to expose a deeper truth.  It was never about the incident, but what was in us.  For example:  Why did you respond like that?  Why did you go over or blow up?  Why did you withdraw?  Why is it that a week later and it still stays on your mind?  Why do you ignore that person, their phone calls and emails?

God is using me, like He used the guy who came into a company and shook up that environment.  As a ministry gift that God is raising up, I had to learn how to be comfortable in the assignment God has given me.  I did not choose it, but it was bestowed upon me from the Father.  No matter what platform I’m on; Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., Karen Presley Ministries, Daughters of Zion Empowerment Center or Church of Zion Deliverance Ministries, the oil on my life will be speaking even when I am not.  I know what it is like to look one way on the outside and be something else on the inside.  I know what it is like to be anointed and gifted, but yet still deal with inner struggles.  I am the first partaker of every message I deliver and that is why God is using me because many people are still in the stage of running or hiding behind their talents and titles.  Now is the time for change.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Intercessors in the Marketplace

The common denominator in business and ministry is people.  People are the ones we minister to and they are our customers.  People are the ones that serve on the helps ministry, adjutants, board of directors and they are our employees, volunteers, suppliers and vendors.  The world is made up of people, all shapes, sizes and personalities.  Our government is run by people, the stores are filled with people and every interaction we have to live in our homes involves people.  Even our family is made up of people.

Now, with that being said, God allows our lives to intersect for a reason.  We touch each other lives in ways that we can’t always comprehend at the time.  We bless each other and strangers with a smile, kind gesture or even a word that may be simple to us, but it was what the other person needed.  If we are open to God, we are used daily to be the answer or solution to other people’s questions and problems. 

I am the owner of Anointed Press Graphics, where we do graphics, printing, book publishing and websites.  When I moved into my storefront 11 years ago, I heard God say, “Karen, I called you to bring order, but how do you know what is out of order?”  It was in my storefront location, that I began to meet so many people in business, starting a business, five-fold ministry gifts, aspiring authors and people who had a dream, purpose and ready to step into their destiny. 

I can honestly say; I enjoy being a part of people giving birth to what is on the inside of them and launching into greater dimensions of what they have already been doing.  But on the flipside, it has also saddened me on how many gifted and anointed people operating in their business or ministry, but yet ignoring the wounded person part of them.  I have seen so many people cut relationships, stop talking to me, disconnect and pretty much erase me if something didn’t go their way. 

In the beginning I used to just put if off to God showing me what His people look like, what His leaders look like and what the church looks like and I would pray for people in general.  I was in training, being groomed by God for the assignment that is on my life and the platform He was using was my business.

Toward the end of 2015 and right into 2016, I felt like the training went to another level.  I encountered some things with different customers that really began to puzzle me.  I had this one situation where I was scratching my head saying, “How did this happen?  I have never done this before?  Out of all the people I have dealt with, how did I mess up on this person?”  I heard God say, “Karen I allowed her to touch your life so that you would intercede.”

I have several stories I could share, but it is really not about the stories, but how God’s people are reacting in and to life.  God also allows our lives to intersect, to expose those hidden things that lie dormant in us.  I call them “awe ha moments.”  We see each other’s gifts, talents, and anointing, but God knows the whole man and in this hour it is about coming to a place of recognition.  Not hiding behind your gifts, title, responsibilities or talents, but confronting the person part of you.  Well I realize that everyone is not ready to do that, so what people do is cut whatever level of relationship and disconnect from the person entirely.  People move on like you have the issue or you wronged them.

Well this is why God has need of Intercessors in the Marketplace.  I have seen people literally shut down emotionally and unable to function with me.  Of course they are still functioning in their environment that does not cause them any pressure.  I have people who are tied to me through my services they have purchased and instead of asking me for help, they are wasting money on a service that is not fully up.  Now let me explain, it is not because I cussed them out, didn’t perform a service, or I didn’t reach out to them; but it is because whatever the issue was at that time became the hoe that God used to go into the ground of their soul and begin to expose and shine light on a deficit that was already there.

So what happens, this pain point isn’t the first time it has reared its ugly head, but because we have become accustomed to “Keeping it moving,” we learned how to do life with these deficit’s in our soul.  We go our entire lives, starting families, doing business, doing ministry and having church; all awhile dismissing and not taking responsibility for our own actions, but always seeing someone else at fault.

I have an apostolic-prophetic call on my life, I’m a deliverance minister and I have a healing anointing; so my assignment will speak even when I’m not physically speaking.  People will back up and not realize why.  My oil and assignment is speaking in the realm of the spirit because it knows more than what I know.  So when God spoke that He has need for Intercessors in the Marketplace that means He has need of YOU.

You may say, I don’t walk in that same calling, but if you are a believer, it is your responsibility to intercede on behalf of God’s people and leaders once something is revealed.  If you are reading this blog, you can no longer just write people off, talk about them or their issues, or move on with your life because they moved on.  Now you become their intercessor.  Your prayer should be God bring them to a place where they begin to see what you are showing them.  Uncover those hidden things and open their understanding to see they are in need of healing and help.  Bring them to the place where they are ready to receive love from you and divinely arrange the vessel you will use for their healing. In Jesus Name.  Keep praying until you get a release to stop.

God has need of you, beloved.  You were strategically positioned in that business, organization or ministry for more than just making money.  You are in the marketplace at this appointed time, because your customers need more than just what you are offering on your website.  Will you accept the assignment?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Anointed Press Graphics Inc | Celebrating 13 yrs in Business

For APGI, January not only marks a new year, but it also marks another year in business to serve those we are assigned to.  We are celebrating 13 years in business.  I look forward to serving you this year. -

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Ups and Downs of "Social Media"

We live in a world where Technology is forever evolving.  For the business owner and ministry gift, we must learn to adapt our businesses and ministries to the world that we live in.  Can you remember how the telephone evolved?  Although I did not live in the 1700’s and 1800’s, we have pictures and old TV shows, that shows how they communicated.  I was born in 1967, so I’m going to speak from what I actually used.  We went from the phones with the rotator dials, to the push button phones, to cordless phones, pay phones on the street, big fat cell phones, flip phones, smart phones, and phone watches.

Just like our communication has evolved, so has the World Wide Web as it relates to Social Media Platforms.  Can you remember the social media platform that a lot of businesses were using in the early 2000’s?  It was MySpace.  I remember when I started by business in 2003, that people had MySpace, but I was never interested in that.  I had a website, so I thought that was all I needed.  Then in 2006, FaceBook and Twitter came out, but it wasn’t until 2009, that I joined because people in my circle really talked about social media.  In the beginning I only used it for personal stuff, although I had a business and ministry page.  I used it sparingly.  One by one I started joining different social media platforms, but was not very consistent with posting.  Sometime late 2013, early 2014, I really became consistent with posting, blogging, showcasing my work and using more interactions with my customers.  My consistency was one of the ways God used to increase my business.

I want to talk about the Ups and the Downs to Social Media.  Everything God created is good and most of the things that man creates are good; however, depending on how we use stuff, will determine if it has a negative or positive effect.

Social Media Platforms give you the ability to promote your business and/or ministry to an audience that goes way past your family and friends.  Often times, when we start something, we look to our circle of friends to support, celebrate and applaud our new adventure; only to find that many people have been disappointed by the things they experience when starting that new journey.  I have also heard people tell me they don’t like social media because they look at how other people post and get turned off, because some of the things they see is foolishness to them.  Then some people are so private, they don’t like people knowing their business.

No matter what your views are about social media; allow me to share the benefits of this platform.  Previously I stated that social media allows you to reach an audience that is outside your circle of friends.  I often teach in my business workshops that “Somebody needs what is on the inside of you.  Somebody’s answer is in you.”  Whatever God gave you to do, (write a book, start ministry, a support group, or a business); somebody is looking for you.  You may not know who they are, but once you release it through the World Wide Web of the Social Media Platform, it has the ability to reach who it needs to reach.

God knows who you are assigned to and He knows who is assigned to you.  Just like a fisherman, they put the bait on a hook and throw it into water to catch what comes.  Depending on what pool of water they go fishing, will determine the type and size of fish they could catch.  Well it is just like the World Wide Web of the Social Media Platforms, depending on what sites you are on and what bait you are using, will determine if the right people connect to you or not.

Social Media Platforms is not about constantly selling all the time.  It’s not about being that nagging sales person or the cold callers ringing your phone all day that we keep avoiding. This platform is more of a “soft sell.”  It’s about letting people know who you are, what you are about and what you bring to the table.  It’s about showcasing your field of expertise.  Those who need your services or like your spirit will begin to follow you and connect with you for your service or product.

With exposure can also come a lot of pressure to maintain a so-called status or appearance that can also be construed as false.  I remember when God birthed my first ministry that He spoke, “Karen I bought you by the way of rejection, to break that spirit off you once and for all.”  With the World Wide Web of the Social Media Platforms, not only do you showcase what you bring to the table, but you also see what others are bringing to the table.  This has the ability to start digging up old emotional wounds that has gone unchecked.

If you don’t evaluate your thought life, you will allow the negative emotions to cause you to shrink back or just stop using this platform or be on the platform and not maximize its potential.  I had to do this for myself many times and even in my workshops I speak on it, because there are many of us that have the same insecurities.  When I first got on social media, I kept replaying that same word God spoke to me about breaking the spirit of rejection off of me.  It was like He did not allow anyone to like or comment on my post, because He wanted me to know what He was doing in me and through me.  I needed to know that it was God making me and not man.  If we don’t realize who is really backing us, we will always look for man’s approval and once you get it, then you will have to keep doing to keep man’s approval.  Also you will begin to judge where you are based on others celebration of you; instead of what God has said about you.

Social Media Platforms can be the hoe that God’s uses to dig into the wounded places in us and start exposing the negative emotions and thought patterns that we didn’t know was there.  Some people will find themselves fabricating online to make themselves appear that they are something there not.  Then it can also cause people to start comparing themselves to what others are doing and try to emanate what they see other doing instead of staying in their own lane.  This is how we begin to exhaust ourselves and find ourselves going down the wrong path on our entrepreneurial and ministerial journeys.

 Allow God to begin to purge you from the old negative emotions and begin to divorce yourself from the opinion of others.  Because the flipside of people being drawn to you, you will find that some will attack you.  We have a lot of haters on social media, because we live in a dysfunctional world; therefore instead of celebrating one another, we compete with each other.  However that should not be the reason for you not to showcase what God put in your hands to do.

Again, Social Media Platforms is not bad, it is how we use it.  Begin to assess the real reason why you don’t like it.  Go deeper than just the excuses you tell yourself that justifies your actions of not using it.  God has need to get you in front of the people who you are assigned to.  People need what is in you and they are waiting for you to come forth.  It is your time to shine, so allow God to do the work IN you, so He can continue to USE you.

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Friday, November 27, 2015

Entrepreneurs – vs – Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Webster defines an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.
Entrepreneurs have a different kind of mindset.  They are a unique breed of people.  While some people sit and fantasize about the glamour of being their own boss, those in the thick of business understand that even though there are rewards to entrepreneurship, it can also be difficult and complicated.

To be successful at entrepreneurship you can’t start the journey by impulsively quitting your job to chase a get-rich-quick idea or because you hate your boss.  There are many articles, post and blogs that give us step-by-step insight into starting and running a business.  For the sake of this blog, I want to talk about the difference between entrepreneurship the worlds way and the kingdom way.  I once read an article that said; that there is no magic to entrepreneurship.   The super-rich entrepreneurs you read about in the news usually didn’t get there because they randomly stumbled upon a great idea.  They got there because they poured years of effort and passion into a good idea, and eventually their efforts paid off.  You can’t become an entrepreneur expecting there to be a miracle, or some kind of instant, magical rise to the top because your idea was revolutionary.
Although I agree with some of that statement, there is another perspective I’m going to share.  I call it “the Kingdom Entrepreneurship way.”  Matthew 25:15 says God has given us talents according to our ability.  That means there are gifts, talents, and an anointing that lies on the inside of us that God gave us to accomplish the assignment and dream that we were born to fulfill.  We were all born to accomplish something on the Earth that will make a difference in the lives of those we serve.  Your business answers and solves someone’s problem.  The assignment that God put on the inside of you is bigger than just you getting rich; however, your finances will increase when you obey your God-given assignment.
Kingdom Entrepreneurship is about recognizing who really is the CEO of your business.  Let me give you an example.  When you go to work, you are responsible for performing the task that is set before you.  You are responsible for getting there on time, checking in with your up line for the daily assignments etc.  What you are NOT responsible for is the running of the entire company.  You are not responsible for how all the employees will get a paycheck or how the company keeps their contract so they can stay in business.  The CEO wears that burden.  Well it is the same way with your business.  When you recognize that God, who put the business in you, is really the CEO, then you will begin to seek Him for the daily, weekly and monthly instructions.  When you have regular meetings with your CEO, then He gives you the grace to balance your business, family, church, etc. 
The world standard is work hard, grind all night, exhaust yourself with work, work, work; trying to make it happen and make it big.  Although we do want our businesses to take off; Kingdom Entrepreneurship is not about exhausting yourself with works of flesh.  It is about stepping out on what you hear in you, taking risk based on what God is telling you to do and watch the unfolding of what God wants to bring you into.  Many of us listen to more people around us and what they did and their advice instead of listening to what God put in your heart to do.  The reason why we second guess ourselves a lot of times is because of the fear of the unknown and our own inadequacy issues.
When I first started my business, Anointed Press Graphics, Inc., I started in my mother’s basement.  My business was birthed through a spoken word.  I never went to school for what I’m doing and I did not come from an entrepreneurial background.  I have been a secretary my entire life, so I was in a position where I had to lean on God, and not my own wisdom or skills, because I knew He started it.  When you recognize that God is the CEO of your business, then you will come to know that His wisdom will always supersede man’s wisdom.  People can give you advise from their perspective, but God knows where He is taking you and the route to get your there.
Let me give you an example:  When God told me to come off the job and do my business full time I was gun hoe until someone told me to save money and pay my bills off first.   That makes since, so now what that person said became my mission versus what God stated.  God then spoke two (2) more times about coming off the job, but I was paralyzed with fear because I didn’t have any money saved and I didn’t live home with my mother.  Well needless to say, God showed me I was going to be fired for something I didn’t do and I cried and said, “God I don’t want to go out like that.”  I heard God say, “I gave you 3 opportunities to leave and you would not.”  Two days later I was fired.  My business didn’t go to the next level until after I left the job.  Then after coming off the job two (2) months later God said, “Get your own place.”  I told another business friend and he stated, “all you need is a little suite, you don’t have much.”  I was like, “you right.”  But when it came to me looking, I didn’t care what I got, because in my mind I didn’t make enough to pay two (2) rents.  When God directed me to the location He had for me, it is a standalone building, approximately 1100 sq. ft.
God’s plan is bigger than what we see in front of us.  Making God your CEO will force you to deal with those things that is coming up in you as God pushes you out of the safe zone of entrepreneurship.  He knows what He put inside of you.  He knows your weaknesses, your strengths, your gifts, and everything else you are bringing to the table.  He just needs you to trust the process and trust Him as your CEO to take care of you.  The business you started or will start is not about you, but what God wants to do in the Earth.  It’s about marketplace anointing that lies in you to be the vessel He can use in the marketplace for His people.  Don’t allow the success or the frustrations of your beginning stage to cause you to lose focus of what is really taking place.
I'm offering a program called Metamorphosis.  It’s a 1 year coaching program geared around your need.  The biggest value in this program is the accountability because I have seen many people go to conference/ workshops and church w/ great word and go home and fall back into the same routine.  You also get monthly 30 minutes of 1-1 coaching, ½ off my workshop, one of my books for free, and 1 hr group coaching session via phone.  You get all this for 47.00 a month but the initial fee is 250.00 (this price is for a limited time).  Click here for more details and to register.  I can be reached during the day 301-782-2285.
This is your time to shift your business, ministry and/or organization to the next level. 

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